Corrie Corner – 28th August 2011

Thank goodness they didn’t drag Norris’s ‘incarceration in a karsie’ (can’t find a definitive spelling!), out for too long.  Mary was worried sick: “He’s been taken,” she wailed desperately.

Roy tried to reassure her in typical Cropper-ish style: “I think it’s statistically unlikely that Norris has been taken by terrorists.”

Roy, Hayley and Becky gave moving performances this week with baby Hope. Almost enough to bring a tear to your eye (and definitely to Hope’s when Becky accidently poked her finger in it as she talked to Steve!).

Gail - Coronation Street - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewIf only I could upload my own photos onto here (hopefully will have got that one sorted soon), as there’ve been some cracking expressions this week – mostly Gail and Audrey’s faces as they watched Kylie’s mischief in the Rovers on her Birthday (and Gail’s look of disgust as she watched her mother kissing Marc)! Kylie’s my Comedy ‘Star of the Show’ right now, for sure, and such a great actress.  She was very cross that David was away.

Eve: “What did hubby get you?”

Kylie: “Chuff-all.”

She didn’t even get a card. “She’d only be shaking it for banknotes,” Gail pointed out. (Er, everyone does that, don’t they?!)  It’s a bit hard to believe that David would have gone away and not left anything for her – or even rung.  That’s a little bit unrealistic really, isn’t it?

I bet Brian won’t forget Julie’s Birthday!  At last they’ve finally got together, and well done to Eileen for making it happen.  Julie was so grateful. “I thought you’d glazed over?” she exclaimed.

Eileen (the grimacing Grimshaw!): “Oh, I ‘ad.”

Brian & Julie - Coronation Street - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewThey’re SO believable.  They look like they really love being together, and they’ve got great chemistry – unlike Tina and that Doctor.  Who on earth dreamed that one up?  There is NO spark AT ALL between them.  It just doesn’t ring true for me, sorry.  Luckily, I also had Anna and Owen’s first ‘proper’ kiss to take my mind off it.  They’re another lovely couple.  I do hope they all have a bit of happiness and romance for a while!

Wasn’t the Marcia stuff agonising/moving to watch, and Rita’s “Not harming anyone is sh … he,” was just right, and then the way she laid into Kylie? “Now that’s enough lady.”  Aah, my Yorkshire Grandma used to say that!

The second scene between Rita, Gail, Mary and Sally was the most exquisite and hilarious writing. Oh, Gail’s face was a picture, and then she uttered perhaps the best line I’ve EVER heard in a Soap:  “Are you saying he was never interested in my mother – only in her wardrobe?”

Audrey - Coronation Street - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewAudrey’s performance has been nothing-short of Award-winning.  I genuinely felt moved by it, and you could hear her voice cracking with emotion as she challenged Kylie: “You love it, don’t you: hurting people.  In fact, that is the only time I see you with a genuine smile on your face.”

What a cracking week it’s been. Poignant acting and some great one-liners. Anyone who says Soaps are rubbish should be made to watch this week’s Corrie. If you haven’t seen it, here’s Friday’s 8.30 Episode.  It’s only 22 minutes in total, but encapsulates everything I’ve been talking about in this post.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE EP. Wonderful, wonderful writing.

Grins of the week:

Ooh, it’s Fiz in Priz:

Ginny: “What time is it?”

Fiz: “Half six.  Why?  You going out?”

Roy: “Say goodnight mother.”

Sylvia: “Goodnight mother.”  (Loved her “Springtime for Hitler” aside.  If you didn’t know what she was on about, it’s from the brilliant film – one of the few I’ve ever been to the cinema to see – Mel Brooks’ The Producers.)

Tommy: “Ey, I can be deep.”

Mary: “I was always whittling when I was young.”

Kylie (seeing Becky with Hope): “How much did you pay for that one?”

PS Worst ‘Drinking from an empty mug of tea’ impression this week?  Tommy & Ty in the garage.  No contest.

PPS Sorry.  Stella’s accent’s no better.  Even in tiny doses – like this week – it’s still dire.

PPPS The upside of Marc leaving is that we’ll never have to hear him saying “I’m sho shorry Audrey,” again.  I hope he’ll be able to buy himself a pair of false teeth that fit him from his fee for doing Corrie.

PPPPS I’d mentioned that Corrie’s started getting in on EastEnders’ ‘Inappropriate/Appropriate Music playing in the background’ habit.  They were at it big-time this week with Duran Duran’s ‘Girls on Film’ as Marc walked into the Rovers dressed as Marcia.  (Kylie had been filming him dressed as a ‘girl’ hadn’t she?)  It just irritates me for some reason.  I probably just need to get out more …


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