Corrie Corner – 7th August 2011

Becky had a few little words with baby Hope-less.  “No home to call us own. No idea what the future holds.” No, nor me.  She was swapping hard luck stories with Nick too.  Huh, I can top that!

Becky: “Freshco’s are looking for keen, reliable individuals with excellent people skills.”

Gail: “Do you know any?”

Nick was looking for a new waitress and clearly thought Becky had potential (yeah, we all know as what!). “You’ve run the Rovers, Roy’s, and you’re young, smart and attractive.”

Gail: “What about me?”

Nick: “None of the above.”

Was that a (baby-doll) nightie Becky arrived for her Interview in?  Nothing like being prepared!  Gail was keen to know how she was doing though and asked Nick, “How is the latest addition to the team? Attacked anyone yet, has she?”  I wouldn’t have blamed her for clunking a bottle over Kylie and David’s heads as they baited her, but she held her temper admirably.  Becky’s best weapon is her cutting wit.  Kylie and David turned up.

Platts in the Bistro - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewKylie: “Thought this place were meant to be upmarket?”

Becky: “Let you in, didn’t we?”

As they got more and more drunk, the taunting got worse.

Kylie: (shouting across the Bistro): “Oy, waitress.”

Becky: “What can I get you?  The bill?  A bucket?”

It was at breakfast at the Platt’s the next morning it all nearly kicked-off though.  What wonderful writing.  I’d just love to re-write the whole thing for you here it’s that good, but I’ll settle for:

Gail: “Now I can see why you gave her the job and not me.”

Nick: “I gave her the job because she’s good at what she does.”

Gail: “I’m sure she is …”

Kylie: “I’m sorry Gail, but I’m going to have to smash her face in.”

Gail and her Daughter-In-Law haven’t exactly ‘Hit it off’ so far.  Kylie’s come across as a right cow, but admitted last week: “It’s hard work being this heartless you know?” to which Gail replied waspishly: “And you make it look so easy.”

Kylie & Gail - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewWe might be seeing the start of a possible thaw between them (I hope not; I love the bickering!), as we saw a whole new side to Kylie this week. It had me filling-up, and just proves (if proof were needed), what a superb actress Kylie is.  It was very sweet to see her and Gail bonding.

If Max does comes to live with them though, I hope Gail will teach him a few basic survival skills (as neither Kylie or David have got much of a clue).  You’d have thought she might have spent five minutes at some point in his life teaching David how to iron a shirt wouldn’t you?

Despite their lack of domestic skills I presume they’ll get him, although – once again – it’s such a shame for poor Becky (who’d turn her life around and become a great mother), as she really hasn’t got a good track record, has she?  “Maybe it’s the fact she’s Radio Rental for a start,” David pointed out.

Ha. I’ll bet many of you youngsters won’t have had  a clue what he meant by that.  I used to work for Radio Rentals – firstly as a Saturday girl in the 70’s, and then a few years later as a Manager.

CLICK TO FIND OUT MORE if you’re remotely interested.

Amber was moaning about her lack of accommodation, so Daddy just evicted a tenant and moved her in.  He should have slung her out on her ear as far as I’m concerned.

Sunita’s not a fan of Amber’s either. Nor are most of us, it seems.  It was great when she caught her out for lying about coming home late, but how scary is Amber when she fixes you with ‘The Eye’ though?  Tyrone turned to jelly as she demanded he hand his keys over.

Tina - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewI reckon Sunita would be better off without Amber and her bonkers father, especially as Dev just can’t help but lie to her all the time.  It was so funny when he went up to her and said “Kiss me?  No, ok,” as she walked straight past him in the shop.  It got worse for Dev in the Rovers though, when Tina started on him.

Tina: “I used to think you were alright.  A bit deluded and up yourself, but on the whole, a decent bloke,” she told him, then explained to Sunita what he’d done.

Sunita (furiously): “Is this true?”

Dev (blustering helplessly): “Well … you know … the truth … is like an elastic concept.”

She stormed off, and who’d blame her!  (Wasn’t her description of Aadi and Asha brilliant; the ESP twins: Eat, sleep and pee!)

Beth & Craig - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewTalking of kids.  What can I say about Steve’s hilarious date with ‘Cilla’s sister’ and her son Craiiiig on Friday?  “His RE Teacher came this close to having him exorcised.  Don’t look at him,” she blabbered.  What a joy to watch!

Please, please give them a both proper part.  I’m sure Dev could find a flat for them somewhere.  It was beautiful writing (from Joe Turner).

Grins of the week:

Tommy (staged): “Oh no. Tyrone’s in the hospital. He choked on a nut in the Rovers and they’re keeping him in for observation but he needs his jim-jams.”

Amber: “And he texted all that?”

Becky (to Nicky): “What did I do wrong: apart from all that stuff with Kylie, David and Steve?” and

David: “Have you seen Kylie?”

Becky: Lost her, have you?  Lucky you.”


Marcia & Audrey - Coronation Street - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewPS I saw this week that Marc/Marcia is being axed.  Hmm.  Read last week’s ‘Corrie Corner’ for my thoughts/analysis of his/her role.  It seems from what I’ve read that most people feel it was indeed the wig that ‘did’ for Marcia …


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  1. Mrs Exeter August 8, 2011 at 11:34 am #

    You write so well, and how nice to relive all my fave bits of Corrie this week! I wondered about Radio Rental too – would David be old enough to know this one? And Marcia’s wig – please! – how can Audrey (a supposed hairdresser) not say something!

    Becky’s delivery is sublime and she will be missed, although I’m dying to see her in something else. I think she’s v. talented.

    Enjoy your break!

    • Jane August 8, 2011 at 2:50 pm #

      Thank you for your kind words. You’re right; I don’t reckon David would know who they were, but the writer clearly did! Yes, Becky deserves to go on and have a great career ‘a la’ Sarah Lancashire.

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