Corrie Corner – 10th July 2011

As I’m watching TV for my blog I scribble notes down in a little book.  As I’ve come to write this post I see that I’d written that Fiz was ‘Digging her own grave.’  That probably wasn’t the best metaphor, considering!  They’ve hardly got any real grounds for charging her though, have they?  It’s all pretty circumstantial stuff.

Probably just as well Kevin isn’t a judge. “She must have at least known about it – she was married to the bloke,” he was banging-on in the pub.

Tyrone jumped-in for the defence: “‘Ey.  Sal was married to you and she didn’t know what you were up to, did she?”  Touche!  They need to get Jeremy Kyle’s lie detector in.  That’ll soon clear it up.

The best of the laughs this week revolved around various mealtimes at the Platt household.  Gail and (the brilliant) Kylie – daggers drawn – are just hilarious!  Gail was trying to make a point:

Kylie: “What?  That it’s a wife’s job to look after her husband?  Maybe in your time … in the dark ages,” she snapped back at her, but then decided she’d cook dinner for everyone that night.  Gail wasn’t keen, but Audrey thought it was a good idea to let her do it.

The Platts - Jane Reynolds'  weekly 'Corrie Corner' blogspotAudrey (to Gail): “Take a night off.”

Kylie: “In fact, make us all happy: have a night out!”

It didn’t take David long to have second thoughts about it when he saw what she’d bought though.

Kylie: “Meat, meat, meat.  ‘Man food’ for my man.”

David: “What about salad?”

Kylie: “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.”

David: “You have barbecued before, right?”

Kylie: “No.  Where I come from, if people want to Barbie, they just set fire to chair or summat!”

They were talking about ‘Granny Ivy.’  Remember her?  Gail had a hard time as Ivy’s Daughter-in-law. Now she’s having a hard time from her own Daughter-in-law!  Not that Kylie and David see it like that. I was impressed that David was trying to act responsibly (pointing out to Kylie that they needed to work hard so they could get themselves a place to live), until I found out that evicting Maria was part of his plan!

The Croppers - Jane Reynolds'  weekly 'Corrie Corner' blogspotMaybe she (and the invisible child Liam), could move in with Roy and Hayley; they’re fast turning into a refuge for the homeless (maybe Sophie could raise some money for them?).  Who cried when Chesney cried as he handed baby Hope over to Hayley?  I did!

Sylvia’s concerned about the child’s well-being – letting Roy and Hayley become her carers.  “Poor little mite.  Father a raving loony and mother behind bars.  I suppose if you think of it like that, she’s almost better off here with the two of you,” she pronounced.  Hardly a ringing endorsement!

They might not be Brad and Angelina, but little Hope couldn’t want for a more kind and caring couple than Roy and Hayley to look after her, and I – for one – would feel very lucky to have friends like them. They’ve looked after Becky like a daughter too, and never once judged her – no matter what she’s done.  I reckon there’s quite a few people out there who’d be more than happy to be adoped by those two; me included!

Owen’s being really nice to Ches all of a sudden too.  I hope it’s simply that he’s trying to be a father-figure to him – and not for any other dubious reason.  We seem to be seeing a softer side of Owen all round at the moment.  His offer to buy the house for Anna and Fay (Fay-te worse than death), was very sweet too.

Anna & Owen - Jane Reynolds'  weekly 'Corrie Corner' blogspotI’d meant to say last week that I thought it was silly of Anna to say no to it. After all – if the house is for sale, someone’s going to buy it.  Whether that person decided to keep Anna as a tenant or she had to move somewhere else, she’d still be paying rent to someone, so what’s her problem?  Who cares who her Landlord is, and why did Owen just effectively go “Oh, ok”?

He wouldn’t normally just accept a decision so meekly.  I don’t get that.  He’s not usually one for letting a woman tell him what to do, is he?  He’s not turning into another man ‘Under the thumb’ is he, surely?  The women really do rule the cobbles, don’t they?  Just ask Lloyd!

Over at the Websters, Kevin tries to be the man of the house (even though it’s not technically ‘his’ house any more – at the moment anyway), and told Sophie in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t going to lend her any money.  I can see why Sophie did what she did, and that she was doing it for – what she believed to be – the right reasons, but it was still very wrong, and she should definitely have told Sian, at the very least.  I did think it was a bit rich of Kevin to tell Sophie that he couldn’t ever trust her again though.  He hasn’t exactly got a shining track record himself, has he?  I loved this:

Sally (to Sophie & Sian): “Morning girls.  Catching up on your beauty sleep?”

Sian (nodding towards Soph): “She was.  I don’t need it!”

Sally Webster - Jane Reynolds'  weekly 'Corrie Corner' blogspotThere’ll be a few sleepless nights coming up in that household this week, although Sally doesn’t need any beauty sleep right now.  She’s looking great, and that hairstyle suits her so much.  She’d make a pretty-good lesbian herself.  Now THAT would be a storyline.  (Actually; that’s a storyline in my novel. No wonder I thought it was a good idea!)

Things are only going to get worse for Sophie I imagine, as it really wasn’t the smartest thing she’s ever done, was it?  That creepy James knows more than he’s letting-on too, I reckon.  Let’s see what happens this week …

What’s happened to Deirdre?  I did a double-take when I saw her at Birthday meal.  56?  That new hairstyle, glasses and lippie have aged her 20 years and literally turned her into Blanche’s double! They always looked alike (and women all end up turning into their mothers/men into their fathers), but it doesn’t usually happen overnight!

I could have just written down everything that came out of Kylie’s mouth, but I’ve narrowed it down and here’s my Grins of the Week:

Kylie Platt - Jane Reynolds'  weekly 'Corrie Corner' blogspotGail (to Kylie): “Clean it up.”

Kylie: “What’s the magic word?”

Gail: “Now.”   And …

Kylie (to Gail): “You should get a cleaner.”

Gail: “I am a cleaner.”

Kylie: “There you go then.”  Here’s another:

David: “Me mum likes a moan – it’s like one of her five a day!”

I loved the bit where Kylie kicked the toast into David’s face.  It looked so natural; just the sort of thing you’d imagine her doing if they were a real couple!

PS What’s wrong with you Peter?  Stella said she was leaving and you persuaded her to stay.

PPS Wasn’t little Dylan cute when he was laughing at Sean?

PPPS Karl Price not only looks like EastEnders’ Jack Branning’s older brother, he could be a voice double for Tony Booth (Cherie’s dad)!

Ok, I know I said I wasn’t going to mention Cindy/Stella, but it seems I’m not the only one who’s still having trouble accepting her.  I saw this: CORONATION STREET HITS THE SKIDS


Here’s more: (This week’s post from my ‘Official Coronation Street Website’ blog)

Dear Doctor Jane,

I wonder if you can help me?  My Mother-in-law’s driving me mad.  She just can’t seem to accept that her beloved son is married to me now, and that it’s down to me to look after him.  She seems to think that just because I can’t cook; hate washing-up; don’t ‘do’ cleaning and am quite happy to let her to do all the work around the house, I’m somehow lazy!

Doesn’t she understand that finding clothes small enough and tight enough to fit, arguing and doing my nails keeps me fully-occupied and that I simply haven’t got time to do all that poxy shopping and stuff?  What’s even worse, is that she won’t move out, and expects me and him to find a place of our own … on our money!  She just doesn’t understand.  What should I do?


Dear Kylie,

There’s always trouble when a son puts another woman before his mother – that’s just life I’m afraid, but you have to understand that she only wants the best for him.  They’re clearly very close, and he must love her very much – unlike some of my clients (who’ve even been known to push their mum down the stairs and send them cards supposedly from a dead man), and I think you should maybe try and make a special effort to get-along with her more.

Maybe a friendly comment on her attractive hairstyle (or telling her that you admire her dress sense), might help perhaps?  It’s the little things that make such a difference.  Try to become more of a daughter to her (getting pregnant helps), but if none of that works, I suggest either moving to Italy or (if your husband wants to stay close to his mother), maybe looking for a flat above a local Hairdressers?

Good luck, Doctor Jane

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