Corrie Corner 12th June 2011

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Ok; so how did John manage to survive that fall, and how come he was seen on CCTV cameras in Holyhead, but that nobody either stopped him or has seen him since?  My prediction is that at the exact moment Fiz is about to be sentenced for murder he’ll run into Court and shout ‘"Stop!  It was me!” then she’ll get off and he’ll go dahn.  Sounds feasible?  Let’s just see, but if that IS what’s going to happen then call me Mystic Meg, as it’s only my writer's imagination!

Fiz has been great, and you could just see the fear in her eyes as she realised the Police didn’t believe her.  Never having been on the wrong side of the law I don’t know the answer to this, but surely the Police can see when someone’s telling the truth?

Didn’t that Policeman have a look of a young David Blunkett, and didn’t Ches look nice in that blue checked shirt?  It fair suited him.  He looked very grown up when he was visiting Fiz in jail.  

David Platt - from Corrie Corner, Jane Reynolds' Coronation Street reviewThe Graham/Tina/Xin storyline’s taken centre-stage this week, and we've seen that Xin is going to be Graham’s Chinese Take-Away after all.  He – like John – didn’t mean for it to happen, and he confided in that stupid boy David Platt, who reacted to the information as if they were a couple of Twelve-year-olds.  Do you watch the wonderful Brothers & Sisters on More4?  

David Platt? - Jane Reynolds' Coronation Street reviewDavid’s the image of Scotty, look!

Poor Tina.  As all the pieces began to fall into place she rushed around frantically trying to find some answers.  It was awful for her, but made for some funny scenes as she firstly saw Sheila in the café:

Tina: “Was it me?  Did he have to tell me the truth?”

Sheila: “Do you want a transcript?”

And then went over and tackled David in the salon:

Tina (grabbing a pair of hair straighteners and sticking them in front of David’s nose): “I swear to God I’ll get these­­ –” 

David: “And what?  Straighten me?”

Tina: (seething) “I’ll do more than straighten you,” she hissed, then clamped them over the end of his nose!

Elsewhere, the Aunties added more light relief after last week’s trauma; commenting, interfering and match-making.  My favourite line was:

Bushra: “Salad?  That’s not a meal, it’s a garnish.”

Another little thing I noticed was Lloyd and Cheryl’s exchanges.  Lloyd to Cheryl (as she told him he needed to go and do the house-painting rather than have a pint): “Your wish is my ruined evening.”

Has he picked a wrong ‘un?  She seems to be a bit snappy with him.  I’ve got my doubts about this relationship and reckon there’s trouble ahead.  Poor Lloyd.  He needs a good woman.

Kevin’s keeping up with his new metrosexual look I see.  That’s all he wears now: white T-shirt, blue jacket and a man-bag over his shoulder.  It’s all very nice; very new-man, but it’s hardly our Kev, is it?

I’ll tell you something else too: James is a right creep.  I’ve felt funny about him from the start, and reckon he’s fitted Sophie and Sian up over the break-in.  It looks as if he’s got the cash stuck under his wig, because his hair’s extraordinarily high isn’t it?  Like a ‘double’ bouffant.  Even EastEnder’s Vanessa’s helmet would struggle to compete with whatever’s supporting of that head of hair. 

Far more laughs this week than last.  Lots already in this post, but my Grin of the Week is:

Norris: “I’ve seen this judge.  She has all the compassion of a flick knife.”

(His and Mary’s faces when Fiz got bail were a picture!  A right couple of vultures, aren’t they?  Shame Blanche wasn’t sat there with them; she’d have had something to say about it, wouldn’t she?)

Brian (talking nervously to Fiz about what John might be going to do next): “Who knows what goes on in the dark and murky mind of a master criminal?”

(A sudden knock on the door and Brian jumps up nervously – thinking John’s ‘come for him’)  Fiz: (wearily) “He’s not much of a master criminal if he knocks on the front door, is he?”

And what about the great new saying for anyone who’s ended up in a bit of a jam?  That’s it:

“You’ve been Staped!”


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