Corrie Corner 19th June 2011

Crikey, did you see Rita’s hair on Monday?  It was stuck up like she’d had a fright.  She wasn’t another one who’d been looking out of her window and seen Dev’s towel drop, was she?

A feast of fun this week, with some great comedy banter. I hardly know where to start, so will start somewhere else!  I’ve spoken before about actors who get their moment of glory with a couple of lines and then blow it.  We had one this week.  When Steve went into the hotel to find Becky, the girl played the part in such a rude and condescending way that it was just laughable.  There’s no way a Receptionist in a smart hotel would speak to a customer like that.  Just saying …

Another little gripe.  What a daft ending to Monday’s Episode; with Tina and Graeme standing there in a completely empty street like something out of Last Gunfight at the OK Coral.  If you stand in the middle of a street normally, you’ll be knocked over.  Just saying …

Ok.  On to the comedy.

(In the factory on the first morning back to work.)

Julie: “It’s a bit peculiar; not knowing where he was buried.”

Carla: “So what do you want me to do: draw a little chalk outline like they do on the telly?”

Sean asks to pop out.  Carla: “Make it quick Sean.”

Sean: “You won’t even know I’ve gone.”

Carla: “With your work-rate, probably not.”

(In the Rovers.)

Sylvia - from Jane Reynolds' weekly Corrie Corner reviewSylvia (to Eileen): “There’s nothing wrong with my eyesight.  More’s the pity in your case.”  I love Sylvia.  More please!

Mary: “I have a motor home.”

Stella: “You’re a gypsy?”

Mary (to Norris): “Could you imagine me in a wedding dress twice my own weight?”  (Like on Big Fat Gypsy Weddings.)

Norris: “I couldn’t imagine you in any sort of wedding dress.”

Tracy showed her sympathetic side to the distraught Tina.  “For God’s sake.  He washed windows for a living.  Get over it.”

But Tina got her own back.  Tracy: “I like to be proactive.”

Tina: “I know.  I’ve read the graffiti in the men’s bogs.”

And Tracy’s week got worse when Steve royally stitched her up over Amy’s custody (great expressions from Steve all the way this week!), then worse still when the new Manager arrived.  Curdled milk?  She’s got a great sour look, has our Trace.

Ok. Deep breath. Let’s talk about the new family.  We all know that new characters can be a bit controversial (and that we can’t imagine liking them), yet within a few weeks we're feeling as if they’ve been here forever, BUT … there’s ONE basic thing that any Northern character needs to have – and that’s a half-decent accent.

Corrie's new family - Jane Reynolds' weekly Corrie Corner reviewI’m sorry, but that is by far the worst (and most inconsistent) accent I’ve ever heard on the Street.  I’m trying to be objective (and I loved her as Cindy in EastEnders), but she is so badly miscast in this, because her voice is totally wrong.  I really felt for her as she walked through the door of the Rovers for the first time – and really wanted her to be good – but the moment she opened her mouth my heart sank. 

And as for her daughter … she looks older than Cindy, sorry, Stella, and – again – looks totally wrong for the part.  The same can’t be said of the boyfriend.  (He reminds me of another old Corrie character but I can’t put my finger on who.  Hopefully I’ll have twigged by next week as it’s bugging me.)  He looks as if he’ll fit right in, but as for the other two: sorry, no.

Let’s end on a happy thought.  My Grin of the Week is:

Steve (to Tina): “Two teas please.  And some bisquits (sic) or cake if we have any.”

Tina: “What’s this; Downton Abbey?”

PS Why do characters in Soaps never agree a time to meet?  It’s always “I’ll see you in the pub/bar/restaurant etc,” but they never say what time! 


Here's an extra bit:

(My post from this week's 'Corrie Countdown' website)

Dear Doctor Jane,

"I'm having a bit of trouble.  I've moved from the East End of London to Weatherfield, and something's happened to my voice along the way.  No matter how hard I try, my accent still sounds as if I come from Dahnn Saarff.  My partner's accent's fine; it's just mine.  Can you help me?"

Yours Sincerely,

Cindy, sorry … Stella.

PS My daughter looks older than me.  What should I do?

Dear Cindy, sorry Stella,

I'd noticed that myself when I saw you for the first time.  Let's give it a week or two to see if it settles down, but in the meantime I can only suggest that you go and see a specialist who might be able to help you sound a little more Northern.

I'm recommending you seek help quite urgently.  I'll get my Secretary to phone you with the number of a very good chap I know, and hopefully that'll sort you out.  I'll be keeping a close eye on you, and let's just hope that with a course of intensive coaching we'll be able to see a marked improvement very soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Doctor Jane.

PS As for your daughter: not a lot I can do about that one I'm afraid, but at least you're aware of the problem.

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