Corrie Corner 26th June 2011

There’s been a bit of a lack of gags on all the soaps over the last week for some reason. Probably just a coincidence, but let’s hope this week brings us a few more chuckles.

Most of my laughs this week have come from the Sylvia/Roy/Hayley/Becky scenes.  Sylvia had Grandchildren on her mind, but Roy wasn’t keen.

Roy: “I’m not particularly good with children.”

Sylvia: “You’re not particularly good with adults either, but you manage.”

She had a lot to take in once that evil Tracy opened her big gob and told her about Hayley. “My son. Cavorting with eunuchs (there’s an image!), and taking in a parasite like you,” she lashed out at Becky.

Some great lines, but a lot of it was quite unkind, and all at Roy, Hayley and Becky’s expense.  Poor Becky’s got a lot on her mind so wasn’t quite on her usual form in the ‘comeback’ stakes either.  Sylvia had no sympathy for any of them.

Hayley (about Becky): “She’s in pain.”

Roy, Hayley, Sylvia - from Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewSvlvia: “She soon will be with my boot up her backside.”

This whole storyline swings from hilarious one moment to being really quite painful to watch the next.  That little photo of Roy as a boy.  Such a sad little scene.  Sylvia belittles him so much, and yet it’s clear that – deep down – she feels very sorry for him (maybe guilty too?), and as we learn more about his childhood, might there be more revelations to come?

Families, aye? Fancy Carla having a family; there’s a turn-up for the book. Great fall, by the way!   She’s hitting the bottle again, and with Leanne warning Peter off, she’s now getting closer to Frank.  He took her to his place to sleep it off, but put her on the settee.  Has he only got a one-bed house then?  How come he didn’t just put her in the spare room?

Has Becky not heard of fridges?  When she turned up with the meat for the hot pots, and was told that Betty had gone home, she cried “What’ll I do with this?”  Dur.  Put it in the fridge love, and she’ll use it tomorrow.  It’s meat.  It won’t go off overnight!

Steve McDonald - from Jane Reynolds' 'Corrie Corner' reviewSteve thought he was safe in the Rovers with Becky gone.  He announced: “The days I lived in fear of women are well and truly … oh no,” (he gulped nervously as Becky suddenly came in)!

Becky’s putting in a marvellous performance.  “I’m just a scratter that dropped lucky,” she sighed, as she contemplated a not-very-bright future ahead.  The best characters are the ones who have you laughing one minute, then crying the next.  Becky ticks all those boxes.  I’ll be sorry to see her go.

In contrast … I’ve given it another week, and I don’t like to complain, but Stella’s daughter’s SO mis-cast.  She’s way too old for the part.  I’m sorry, but I just can’t take her seriously.  She’s got the accent, but she looks older than Stella and it’s just weird.

She and Stella are like a couple of fish out of water.  Not all the characters in Corrie have Northern accents, so – to me – it would have been better to just let Stella have a Southern accent.  It’s not unreasonable to assume that someone would move up from London. “Yes, but then you’d just think it was Cindy Beale,” you cry.  And that’s my point.  We DO think it’s Cindy Beale.  Cindy Beale trying (and failing), to do a Northern accent!

We know that actors leave one soap and then pop up in another.  That’s fine … as long as they’re right for the role.  Landlady of the Rovers Return is a BIG part, and unless she can nail the accent it’s always going to grate.  I just can’t see her as anything other than Cindy right now, because the accent is letting her down so badly.  Maybe she’ll improve …

Ok.  Rant over; let’s have a laugh.

Julie Carp - Jane Reynolds' 'Corrie Corner' review

Sunita: “I can recommend the King Prawns.”

Norris: “Oh no.  I can’t have anything that stares back at me,” and

Julie: “He’s got a look of your cousin Mikey.”

Eileen: “Mikey’s black Julie.”

Julie: “No need to be racist Eileen.”

I think Norris summed Julie up perfectly with this line – my Grin of the Week this week:

“The clock doesn’t quite strike twelve with her.”  

PS What about Graeme and Xin’s stuff?  They left – as usual – in a cab with a couple of bags, but think of all that cat-stuff she’d bought for the flat?  Surely they wouldn’t have left all that behind, would they?

PPS I still can't say who Karl reminds me of.  It’s on the tip of my tongue but I just can’t place him.


Here's an extra bit:

(My post from this week's 'Corrie Countdown' website)

Dear Doctor Jane,

I’ve had to come and see you again because things haven’t improved since last week.  No matter how hard I try (and as you can see; I’m trying very hard), my accent just hasn’t improved.  In fact, I feel I might have made it worse, because I’ve had to say a lot more lines this week and am worried that people are really starting to notice.

It doesn’t help that both my bloke and my daughter (who looks older than me), sound just like the locals, which makes me feel even more like a fish out of water than I did last week.  I have made one friend though – Leanne.  She's very nice, and we seem to have a lot in common.

There’s something else.  I was drinking tea, but took the mug away from my mouth before I’d swallowed.  Luckily the mug was empty, or the tea would have gone all over my top.  Is this related to my not being able to talk like a Northerner?

Cindy – sorry – Stella

Dear Cindy – sorry – Stella,

I’m glad you mentioned the mug.  I’d noticed that, and was a little concerned that it might indeed be another symptom.  It’s clear from my careful analysis that you’re trying way too hard, which might indeed be making it worse, so my advice is to persevere with the Specialist I recommended last week and come back and see me again in a fortnight.  I'm confident we can cure you in time.

On the bright side: your daughter really does look more like your older sister, so that’s something to cheer you up a bit I’d have thought?

Dr Jane

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