Emmerdale Diary – 31st July 2011


My blood pressure was on the rise as the Trial kicked off.  “Aaron Livesy murdered his boyfriend,” the Prosecuting Solicitor announced.  No, he didn’t.

Once they’d showed jury the video, I just wanted the judge (I still remember her gormless “He didn’t?” replies in this wonderful (short) Victoria Wood sketch from 1987 CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT), to bang her gavel and say “Right, that’s it, case dismissed,” and get up and leave, but no, they had to drag it out and try to make it look as if Aaron was guilty.  Yawn.

Aaron & Adam - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' Emmerdale Soap-y CornerAt least he got off, but now he’s thinking that he DID do it!  Flippin ‘eck son; you didn’t!  At least it’s (finally), healed the rift between him and Chas, and it was so sweet how he asked for her help at the end.  Boy, that lad’s come a long way.  I still want to see him get together with Adam though. Now that would be a great pairing!

Aaron and Hazel’s bond has been marvellous to watch, and I hope we’ve seen the end of Aaron’s ‘bovver boy’ past and that he’ll now start acting like the adult he’s looked to be over recent weeks.  I wouldn’t have blamed him for punching Ashley though, as I thought he had a right nerve pontificating about it all and going to the Court like he did.  Hypocrite.

Ey up.  Aleethia’s back, and looking more like David Dickinson by the day (although Andy looked good; nice haircut). I’ll bet her suitcase contained little more than a bottle of olive oil (probably not Extra-Virgin), for basting, and a couple of belts.  She hardly wears any clothes at the best of times, so God knows what she wore (or didn’t), when she was on holiday.  Andy wouldn’t have needed many muscles to have dragged that case off the convever at the Airport!

Alicia & Andy - Emmerdale - Emmerdale Diary - Jane Reynolds' Soap SpotI know she’s hardly ‘Mother of the Year’, but I reckon Jacob’s better off with her than with Leyla, who’s definitely “Pecking at his head.”

“I bet you’d be one of those dull efforts you: carry on working if you won the lottery,” she scoffed to Leyla.  Carry on?  I’ve barely seen Leyla do anything work-related, expect give a couple of customers the wrong change and moan at Hairy David.

I’d told you all that spoiling wasn’t good for Jacob though, didn’t I?  When Alicia told him he was going to Spain, he shouted “You can’t make me go,” and stormed off. God, if I’d have spoken to my parents like that I’d have known about it.  See; treat them like they’re your mates and they think they can do as they like. Brat!

Scarlett - Emmerdale - Emmerdale Diary - Jane Reynolds' Soap SpotScarlett’s jetting-off too. She explained it to them all in the Haulage office. “It’s ‘See the world’, or end up a wrinkled old biddy in a one-horse town; no offence Edna.” You can see where she’s coming from there, can’t you? Eve wasn’t too pleased, so Scarlett told her there was nothing stopping her from doing the same.  “Yeah, says the Trustafarian,” came the justifiable response!

Carl - Emmerdale - Emmerdale Diary - Jane Reynolds' Soap SpotDon’t you wish you could get the phone number for ‘Psychic Airlines’ from Scarlett though?  I’ve never heard anything like it.

“Can I book a flight to Cancun?  Yeah.  Ok, bye,”  was all she had to say.

That’s pretty impressive stuff, isn’t it?  I don’t need to book a flight, mind. The nearest I get to a plane these days is a ‘flight of fancy’.

I’m sorry to see her go, and reckon her character had a lot more storylines in her, (not least being Carl’s daughter and not his sister – she’s the spit of him)!

Someone else making it ‘look easy’ this week were Eric and Val moving house. From what I could see, they put Amy’s makeup box, which was – granted – pretty big (that’ll be the Giant Economy Size pot of orange slap), into the boot of the car and five minutes later were sat there in the pub quaffing champagne.

Is it me, but has anyone in ‘real life’ ever gone to the pub on the night they moved house?  Normal people just sit on the floor surounded by boxes trying to eat Chinese take-away with their fingers because they can’t find the cutlery, don’t they?

Amy - Emmerdale - Emmerdale Diary - Jane Reynolds' Soap SpotAnyway, never mind that.  What about Amy?  I simply can’t believe she staged a break-in.  She also didn’t think it through, did she?  Did she not imagine for one moment that Val and Eric wouldn’t be upset and un-nerved by it?  They’re not getting any younger, you know.  I can’t see how they’ll be able to forgive her for this one: I wouldn’t.  That girl’s had more ‘Last Chances’ than Katie’s had men, and each time she gets found out she just flutters her eyelashes and promises it’ll never happen again.

It’s daft, because she could be such a nice girl, and (like Aaron), is mellowing over time, but it’s a bit of a stretch to believe she’d lie to them again after everything that’s gone before.  I know she’s being blackmailed, but – be honest – one word from Cain or Zac and we’d never see that weedy little runt again, would we?

Speaking of burglaries, Declan was foxed to find Ella had paid Katie a visit.

Declan: “How did she get in?”

Katie: “You left the window open (!)”

Nice one Katie.  Dur, it’s a house/office, Declan.  It has a front and a back door, and people tend to come and go through them quite often – especially during office hours!

PS Come on, when are Nickil and Gennie going to step it up?  I’m poised! I loved Belle’s hair in the woods too!

PPS Very loud pop music playing in the pub this week.  Can’t see that happening in real life.  You’d have Betty and Alan up in arms in five seconds flat, and talking of music: Cheryl Cole’s Fight for this Love just happened to be playing in the background when Ella and Declan were arguing in the cafe. That’s EastEnders’ trick: playing songs with ‘meaningful’ lyrics as a background in scenes.  I wish they wouldn’t do it!


An extra bit:

I don’t like to read spoilers (although it’s inevitable – especially being on Twitter!), but I did get wind of something this week which I’m very excited about. I won’t reveal who (so as not to disappoint the three people left in the UK who don’t know yet!), but apparently, ‘someone’s sister’ is coming in and she’s going to be a woman who’s left her husband for another woman.

What a great storyline.

It’s happening increasingly in society, but still hasn’t been picked up on by certain areas of the media.  Someone ought to write a book about that.

Oh, actually, someone did … me!




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