'Emmerdale-y' – 21st August 2011


Wasn’t it amazing how (in these recessionary times), Roz managed to walk into that Designer’s job?  I wouldn’t trust any company who couldn’t even be bothered to ring me to tell me I’d got the job, but incredibly she also managed to instantly fix herself up with a flat – all from one the one text.  That’s almost as impressive as Scarlett’s Psychic Travel Agents (“Book me a flight to Cancun.” Pause. “Thanks.”)

Moira commiserated with Holly for not getting taken on too (although it usually improves your chances if you go for the interview), by saying “There’s plenty more chances.”

Holly: “Yeah.  It’s always on the news about how many jobs are going, mum!”

Alicia - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' blogAlicia might need a job when she gets to Spain, and having a washing machine on the roof (er, it does actually ‘Rain in Spain’ sometimes you know; remember the floods in 2009?), might come in useful if they move to the Spanish equivalent of Walford (where nobody’s got a washing machine), as she could take in laundry because – let’s face it – her clothes aren’t going to take up much room when she puts a load on, are they?

Has Andy thought this through though?  What actual skills has Alicia got (or shouldn’t we ask!)?  Cooking’s clearly not one of them.  “I burnt the beans a bit, and the toast, but if you can choke it down it’ll sort your sugar levels out,” she told Hairy David (who more-so than EVER this week has lived up to his name!), as he sat there nursing his hangover.  Maybe she can wash his dress for him before he sells it on Ebay (although surely it would have been more than a bit ‘shop-soiled’ after him having first careered round the village and the pub before then sleeping in it?).

'Hairy' David - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' blogOn the other hand, its incredible elasticity makes rather special I suppose?  It was Leyla’s hand-fitted dress, but she was a size zero and HD’s a big strapping fella, yet he’d managed to not only get it on, but even get it done up at the back.  There’s many a bride would pay a good price for a dress like that I’d have thought!

It was all very funny though, and I’ll bet they had a ball filming it.  Judging by what I read on Twitter as it was airing, we all certainly enjoyed watching it!

There weren’t that many light moments this week though.  Amy’s in trouble – again. I was pleased to see that her make-up went down past her jawline a couple of times this week and that she wasn’t quite so orange as usual, but her eyes were still as black as coal. Let’s hope it’s waterproof mascara for when it all comes out about the baby.

She still doesn’t seem to have grasped Val and Eric’s anger/disappointment with her though, and whined to Val: “He as good as treats me as a criminal, and you won’t back me up?”  Er, Amy … you ARE a criminal.  You robbed them (not for the first time), and right now they can’t trust you to even take a tea-break without something happening, so have a word with yourself.

Cain & Amy - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' blogShe’s pretending not to be bothered about Cain, but he’s a wrong-un, and it’s been a right week of arm-grabbing as he’s pushed and shoved her round the village.  He just swings from ‘Good Cain’ one minute to ‘Bad Cain’ the next, and he’s ‘Bad Cain’ at the moment.  It’s quite unpleasant to watch him when he’s being such a bully, but it’s been superb acting from both of them, and I suspect next week will be too.

Amy’s a cracking actress, and as she seems to have been in every Episode for months, that’s an awful lot of lines to learn and a very high standard to keep up – but ‘keep up’ she does, and I hope she’ll be winning an award before too long.

Not impressed with how Jai walked in and humiliated Nikhil in front of the staff like that.  You would (should!) never do that in a ‘real’ business.  No wonder they think they can answer back and work to rule etc.  It’s like children: you have to show them who’s boss.  Come on, ‘Man-up’ Nik!  I’m also sickened to see Jai blaming him for everything.  Having been on the end of this sort of thing more times than should ever happen to a person in one lifetime, it really upsets me.

Nik & Gennie - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' blogGennie’s comment: “I’m just one of the little bits that you just chuck off the board or not think twice about, so that the big bits can get where they want to be,” was brilliant.  What a great line.

Nik finally bought her flowers though.  It’s about time someone did.  There’s always bouquets arriving at that house, but it’s the first time they’ve ever been for her.  Bless.  I’m getting twitchy now though.  For goodness sake Nik, just go and give her a kiss.  If these two don’t end up married I’ll be very disappointed.  Their characters’ personalities make them such a great pairing, and – to me – they’re a writer’s dream combination.  There’s miles and miles of opportunities here, and it would be so nice to see them end up as a happily-married couple with a little baby (or three)!

Not a great deal of laughs this week, but I loved Val’s line: “We haven’t got anyone in – except that thin couple in Room 4.”  Ha. The way she said ‘thin’!

I’m loving Belle too.  She’s grown so much lately.  Doesn’t seem two minutes since she was singing “Walking in the Air” at Tom & Rosemary’s wedding, does it? (Excuse the tiny photo. It was the only recent one and I couldn’t make it any bigger.)

Belle Dingle - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' blogBelle: “What do you want: orange or blackcurrant?”

Sarah: “Mixture.”

Belle: “Dirty mare.”

My other favourites this week were:

Cain: “How stupid are you?”

Amy: “Well, I had sex with you, so I’d say ‘very’.”

Brenda: “You must have the patience of Job.”

Zac: “You’ve obviously never met him.”  I didn’t ‘get’ that for a moment, but then had a big ‘Lol’!

PS Why does Nikhil wear those shirts with the Harry Hill collars?  They look really stupid (or is that what they call ‘fashion’?  I wouldn’t know!)

PPS Alan Turner looked as if he had his pyjama top on in Friday’s Episode.  My dad’s got a pair that exact colour.



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