'Emmerdale-y' – 28th August 2011


How is Ella still standing?  The amount she drank this week, it’s a wonder she could speak – let-alone hop from place to place like she did.  Why doesn’t she put weight on either? Life’s so unfair.  Charity helped her on her way … by throwing her two (teeny, tiny), suitcases at her.

Ella: “I’ll be down at the B&B.”

Charity: “I’ll be sure and visit.”  Yeah, right!  Lovely bit of sarcasm there.  Charity does it SO well, although she wasn’t so chipper by the end of the week as she too, got thrown out of the same house by Jai!

Ella & Declan - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewSitting outside the B&B and ordering a large glass of red, Ella greeted Declan warmly.  “You took your time.  Gloating season opened hours ago.”

People rarely think of the consequences of their actions when it comes to what goes on in the ‘Underwear’ department. “She’s not only bitten the hand that feeds her, she’s chewed it down to the stump,” Eric observed sagely. To be honest, it would have been an awful lot better letting sleeping dogs lie (as it were), by everyone just keeping quiet about Ella and Adam, but that wouldn’t have made for very good Soap viewing, would it!

In the big scene where it all came out, Mia handled it exactly right.  She could have gone really OTT, but she didn’t, and that really made it.  I had to laugh at Adam trying to defend getting back with Mia to his dad.  “Could you leave her alone – if it was someone you were in love with?”  Er, if you were SO in love with her, why did you sleep with her mother?  *justasking*

Mia & Adam - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewFor goodness sake though.  How old are they?  Mia can’t be more than 20. She’ll have forgotten about Adam in five minutes – or possibly less, as she’s now getting pally with Katie (who’s had more boyfriends than you could shake a stick at, and will no doubt instruct her in the art of ‘moving on’). Kneeing them in the groin’s another helpful part of the therapy too!

Besides, look at where it got Hairy David.  All he’s left with is a shop that only sells beans and a big pile of bills.  “What’s the colour after red?” he asked Hannah as he stared at them miserably. No wonder Leyla had all that money to spend on Jacob.  We know where she was getting it from now.

Just a tip though David: if you’re struggling to make a living and are closing your Cleaning Company to keep your shop going (I thought that had gone years ago – you never see/hear anything about it any more, do you?), then closing early’s hardly going to help bring in the pennies is it?  *justsaying*

Comfort Fabric Conditioner - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds's weekly Emmerdale-y reviewAmy - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewI thought of cleaning when I saw Amy in that jacket.  It just reminded me of that Cloth Family from the Comfort Fabric Conditioner adverts!  Is that fashion? Victoria had a similar one on too, so I guess it is. Hey, where did Debbie get that beige, bat-wing ‘Old Granny’ blouse she had on this week? Ooh, I’d love one the same. (Kidding!)

Amy had far less make-up on than usual this week.  Was that because she’s meant to be looking ‘troubled’, or has her make-up woman got some better glasses, I wonder?  Either way, she looked SO much better.  Even her black eyes weren’t so bad (apart from when she cried and she looked like a panda!).  Way to go Amy.  She’s far too young to need all that slap.  Mind you, Cain threatened her with a lot more than a slap if the didn’t have the abortion.  Oh, my.

Vic & Amy - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewSome great writing this week, and lovely scenes between Amy and Victoria. I must say, Emmerdale’s really got me hooked at the moment.  Soaps go in phases, and Emmerdale’s definitely in a good phase right now, with lots of fine writing/acting to enjoy. The two have to go hand-in-hand, don’t they?

My favourite lines this week:

Ella (to Charity during their spat outside the house): “I thought that would have been lesson number one at whoring school?”

Nico (about Ella): “I  don’t care how much of a cow she was, I liked her.  Just because she’s a strong woman who takes no prisoners and tells it how it is– “

Katie (cutting in): “Drinks her own body weight in wine every day and nicks her daughter’s boyfriend.”

Nico: “So?  Nobody’s perfect.”

PS Are Marlon and Laurel going to have an affair?  Ooh, I don’t know. (I try not to read too many ‘Spoilers’ so that I can write these posts based on what I’ve seen, not on what I know’s coming.)


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