'Emmerdale-y' – 16th October 2011

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Alicia - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewAlicia’s had her Jammy Dodger earrings on again this week. She’d better not stand too close to Amy or she’ll be taking a bite out. Well, that’s what everyone’s starting to think her weight gain’s down to. Little do they know!

Amy’s storyline’s picking-up now, although Eric and Val got the wrong end of the stick when they found the adoption leaflets in her bag. She did admit this week though, “You only get one mam, and Val’s mine.” Aah.

It was ‘Aah’ too when she told Belle to “Go away,” in front of Vic. Poor little Belle cried, “But I’m a better friend,” and Amy quietly told her afterwards that it was true. Aah! (How nice did Belle look this week too? Another one who’s had a make-over.)

The Dingles are all against Amy, but my psychic senses twitched again this week when she asked Vic about Sarah’s donor and she replied, “No worries. It’s not like you can do anything about it, is it?” Two and two’s probably going to make four here!

Charity, Cain & Sarah - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewAfter a couple of weeks in the spotlight Sarah soon disappeared back upstairs again – getting her jumper, bag, playing (or looking after Bob’s twins perhaps?), but not before the lovely little scene with her Grandparents. When they’re ‘getting on’, Charity and Cain are SO good together, and it was lovely to see them sitting happily with Sarah.

The Dingles are at their best when they’re all at each other’s throats though, and this week has been a Masterclass (led by Charity). Cameron’s Van-raid set them off and it wasn’t long before the shouting started! Charity has been fanTAStic this week, and was SO convincing as she spun lie-after-lie to Jai.

It was a bit far-fetched for her to have got up at the crack of dawn to go to Leeds to ‘See a Wedding Dress,’ as that sort of shop would be unlikely to open before 10.00 – especially mid-week – but she’s such a good liar that he sort-of bought it. Besides, who could resist her when she looks at you with those puppy-dog eyes?

 Charity & Cain - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewThe chemistry between her and Cain was electric though, and the scene where they gave in to their urges was well steamy! I loved her line about the cash: “Well, as it’s classified under ill-gotten gains, I don’t think I’d feel right unless I gave it all to Charity.”

After that steamy snog Cain, thought he was home and dry and rubbed Jai’s nose in it when he tried to warn him off her. “You don’t ‘Mess Around’ with Charity; she does that she wants,” he laughed in Jai’s face, but wasn’t laughing for long – not once she found out what he’d done to Amy and flew in like a tornado and chucked that vase at him!

It was funny to see Charity doing a scene with Vic and Amy. There’s certain characters that you rarely see acting together, and it made a real change seeing her with someone other than her usual ‘crowd’, but something else caught my ear in the middle of it all as Chas made this comment: “I wish we were lesbians or something.”

“Yeah,” Charity replied, “And not related.”

I still haven’t worked out what the significance of that line was (there probably isn’t any, sadly), but those two as a couple would be THE most brilliant of pairings (as they bounce off each other so well), although I’m guessing that’s one storyline that really will never happen!

Moira & Cain - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewCharity telling him it was well-and-truly O-V-A-H soured Cain’s mood, but he wasted no time getting ‘Right back on that quad bike’ and swiftly turned his attention to Moira. It’s not looking good for the Bartons right now. Holly could feel the tension. “Have I gone deaf, cos I can’t hear you rowing,” she asked.

“That’s because we’re not actually speaking,” Moira replied acidly. She is ‘ripe for the taking’ and Cain’s radar’s highly-tuned to vulnerable women … so she doesn’t really stand a chance, does she?

Changing the subject: it seemed a bit odd for the ‘Van-snatchers’ to have been complaining about the state of the inside of the vans, as from the look of the outsides you’d think they’d just been nicked straight out of of a Showroom! I still don’t ‘get’ why Cameron’s done it though. They didn’t treat him that badly, did they? If he’s so busy nicking their work too, how come he’s been at home most of the week and not actually out doing any of it? Why don’t they all just go into Business together? Makes much more sense.

Marlon & Laurel - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewAnyway, I can’t be thinking about that now – not when I’ve got Laurel and Marlon to think about. At last we had a proper kiss (wow, HOW realistic was it?!), but it was then followed by an angst-ridden week of “We can’t do this anymore; we can’t be friends; we can be friends but never mention it again; we need to talk; we don’t need to talk; we can’t talk here but we need to talk; no, we don’t need to talk.” You get the picture!

This is exactly what it’s like with people having/wanting to have an affair. You can’t keep away from each other and you just go over and over things time and time again. It’s like picking a scab: it’ll never heal as long as you do …

I don’t want it to heal though. I want them to have an affair, and am truly hoping it’ll happen as I think it brings a wealth of ideas/opportunities for future storylines (well, it does to me), if they get together and stay together.

Charity & Jai - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewIt was touch-and-go as to whether Jai would dump Charity after her shenanigans, and he had a point when he shouted in frustration, “So, as long as you apologise afterwards, it doesn’t matter what you do wrong?” but the week ended with a totally unexpected and LOVELY twist (beautifully acted by both of them), when he picked up the phone … and announced to his mother that he’d met someone and was getting married.

Aah, it was SO sweet! Will it last though? I hope that Charity means what she says and is over Cain for good, but I can’t help but think not. Not unless she has that lesbian affair with Chas of course …

Emmerdale’s really come up with a so many great one-liners this week (again!), that it was hard to know which to choose for Grin of the Week, but here we go:

Rachel: “Are you going to welcome me on board?”

Nicola: “Like I’d welcome warts.”

Cain: “Can I call you Moy?”

Moira: “No.”

Eric & Val - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewVal: “I chose the bad lad every time.”

Eric: “Until you met me?” Poor Eric. NOT the response he’d wanted (as Val sat blankly staring into space, clearly reminiscing)!

Amy: “All right?”

Cain: “I will be when you Do One.”

Diane: “What have I told you about rooting around in people’s handbags?”

Val: “It was more a ‘tiny poke’ than a proper root.”

Alex (fed up because he can’t get a job): “If I was an IT expert we’d be quids in.”

Vic: “But you’re not, are you?”

PS How was Jai going to get to a Supermarket to buy cupcakes when Noah was already late for school? How far away would the nearest Supermarket be to the Village anyway?

PPS I’m glad Aaron calmed down and stopped being so cocky towards the Counsellor.

PPPS Why hasn’t Amy had morning sickness?


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