'Emmerdale-y' – 9th October 2011

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“You can’t choose who you fall for, can you?” Marlon said to Laurel. How true is that, aye? At least Laurel feels the same way. All the people I’ve ever fallen for haven’t fallen for me back!

Marlon - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewDid you notice how when Ashley said goodbye and walked off from talking to Marlon and Laurel, he didn’t acknowledge Laurel in any way? No wonder she’s turning to another man, and besides, Marlon’s suddenly looking ‘softer’ (and he’s got his hair done a bit differently too), so he’s looking rather fanciable! It’s a good look. Ooh, that bit where his phone rang and he grabbed at it – just aching to hear from her. Ah, we’ve all known how it feels to be desperately waiting for a call, don’t we?

Marlon & Laurel - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewLaurel said she couldn’t leave because Ashley wouldn’t last five minutes without her. Er, that is NOT a reason to stay in a relationship, love. I thought this was going to be ‘the week’ when they finally got it together, but their hyped kiss was … not quite a kiss. HOW disappointed were we?

We all know it’s wrong, but we want them to be together SOO much! They’re a couple that could really ‘work’ in an ongoing way (as could Bob and Hazel – hint, hint!), and I really do hope they carry this storyline on and put them together.

Rachel - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewIt’s been gripping watching Laurel trying to fight it, and wasn’t that a great final scene this week, when Rachel suddenly realised who it was? I hope she’s nice to Marlon and doesn’t go blabbing it around the Village.

Alicia’s had some good lines this week. Her dress didn’t leave much to the imagination, but didn’t she look nice? She didn’t like the way Chas was looking at her though, “Like she’s got a bad taste in her gob.”

Chas – quick as a flash – replied, “Bit off-putting though, in’t it? Looks like the front of the queue at the clap clinic.”

Alicia & Carl - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewMuch to Carl’s amusement, Alicia quipped “I hear you’re there so often they’ve given you a loyalty card?”

Nikhil was looking nice again this week, and even Andy seems to have had a make-over. Is there a new make-up girl there or something? If there is, sort Amy out will you? (I was amazed to accidently stumble across page after page of stuff about Amy’s hair/make-up on Google this week. Glad it’s not just me who finds it curious!)

Talking of looking nice, is it fashionable to dress like Aaron – in hobnail boots with your kecks tucked-in? Just wondered …

Andy & Declan - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewDeadly Declan turned even nastier this week; bullying Andy into making Vic and Alex leave the Cottage, and then SACKING him. Er, is this the ‘Fair’ boss he was assuring Andy he was, ooh, only last week? Declan’s playing this more sinister side well. Is this his real personality gradually coming out? Time will tell, but he does seem to have changed a lot lately, doesn’t he?

Nobody seems to be sticking to the rules at the moment, and I can’t understand (and don’t agree with), Cameron just going in and taking the King’s business from the Sharmas. Nikhil had only just signed a contract with Jimmy, and surely there’s clauses to stop that happening etc? Besides, at the prices Cameron’s charging he won’t be able to make a profit, and as they already chuck cans of beer around the kitchen at Debbie’s like characters throwing handfuls of sweets out to the kiddies at a Pantomime, he’s going to need to have a good few bob coming in to be able to pay for enough beer to keep all those extra visitors they’re getting (now that Sarah’s ill), happy.

Cameron - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewCameron’s really finding his feet in his role, and I love watching how ‘manly’ and protective he is towards Debbie. The little things he does are really touching (as they said goodbye in one scene this week he gives her the sort of tiny wave you’d give someone in real life if you were in love with them), and he does it in a way that doesn’t look like acting. That’s either because he’s a very good actor or really does have a bit of a thing for Debbie (I’ve said before how much he looks to enjoy their snogging scenes), but he really does need to get a better ringtone though!

Carl - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewHe’s also playing a great part: standing-up to Carl, although it’s all getting a bit silly – with Carl slashing Cameron’s tyres (just think how much that would cost to get fixed in real life), and them both ringing round to Customers trying to bad-mouth the other. In the real world, I reckon the Customers would tell them both to get lost, but this is Soapland, so anything could happen next. Carl’s line, “You’re SO fired,” was great!

Debbie - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewHasn’t Debbie put in a fantastic performance this week? She’s seemed truly heartbroken (with real tears!) at Sarah’s diagnosis, and the scene in the Hospital where she just broke down but tried to pull herself together for Sarah, had me filling-up too.

Little Sarah’s done well too, and her poignant lines “Can I be a Doctor one day?” and “Will I have to go to Heaven with Grandad Jack?” had me sniffling again (although I predict that a donor will miraculously be found at the Eleventh Hour, and she’ll go on to make a full recovery). Am I right? Do I get a prize?

When Andy’s not going round looking for a fight (which is 90% of the time), he’s got a soft side too, and I have to say how lovely he always is to Sarah. He kisses her and gives her a proper hug when he picks her up – which is what you’d expect from your Dad, isn’t it? He, too, is in bits, and it was nice to see Alicia admit that she really loved him and wanted them to get back together.

How long it’ll last I don’t know, as he might start to neglect her, but as Jake has a potentially life-threatening nut allergy (well, he did for a while anyway!), she – of all people – should be able to appreciate what he’s going through.

Alex - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewThe squatting didn’t last long, thankfully. Diane did the right thing by refusing to do their washing etc, but she’ll be shocked to come back from her Event to find they’re now squatting at the Pub instead! I’d just be scared of coming round the corner and seeing those teeth. Alex is far too young to have had his teeth bleached. Silly boy; it’s not a good look.

Ooh Charity. What are you thinking? The lure of Cain’s kicking-in again. Will she marry Jai? Jai’s worried, but Nik tried to reassure him. “She obviously loves you – or your money at least,” he pointed out, in his own Nikhil way! That Cain’s a real Jekyll and Hyde. One minute he’s smashing car windscreens, the next he’s in bits over his Granddaughter. Charity’s clearly addicted to him though.

I don’t get it myself. I couldn’t be doing with someone with such a volatile temper. You’d be on pins whenever they walked through the door wouldn’t you, and Cain doesn’t exactly treat Charity with respect. No wonder Chas is trying to get her to think carefully. There’s been quite a few scenes with the two of them lately. They’re SO natural; it’s as if they’re just chatting, not saying lines. Great acting!

Not such great acting (in my Fake drinking from an obviously empty bottle spot), by Jai – who took a big swig from his bottle of beer then carried on talking without swallowing it!

Ah. Makes me laugh, and let’s all have a laugh now, in another bumper Grin of the Week! Some very funny writing (as usual):

Alicia (to Carl): “How did you put up with Chas, aye? There’s shop dummies with more charm.”

Chas: “The last time the microwave was on the blink, I caught Aaron trying to defrost a pasty in his gob.” Ah, great stuff.

Rachel (to Marlon): “I might not have gone to Lanky Chef School, but I know how to boil a carrot.”

Alicia (to David): “You even say Pantry like an old man.”

Alicia (to Hazel): “Is that one of those good stares?

Jimmy (to Carl): “Why do I get the feeling you’ve been up to something?”

Edna: “Probably because his mouth’s moving.”

Declan (seeing Diane in the Squatter’s house): “You and all?”

Diane: “Just visiting.”

Rhona (about Rachel): “Ignore her, she’s on heat.”

Charity (to Jai): “I was going to do us a lovely meal tonight.”

Nikhil: “Yeah, right (!)”

PS Why was Jake on the swings in the pouring rain?

PPS Marlon didn’t wash his hands before he started cooking. *healthandsafety*

PPPS That Wedding Dress Woman: another ‘Extra’ who blew her big chance. She was awful.

PPPPS Clockwatch: The clock in the Factory showed 5.30 and they were all still hard at work.


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