'Emmerdale-y' – 18th September 2011

So Nik and Jai have actually got parents then?  They haven’t been mentioned since that awful sister Priya was on the scene. Who might they be?  I have a feeling in my toffee that we’re about to find out.  Charity’s a bit nervous of meeting Jai’s mother, but Nik reassured her: “Ex hooker, Grandma, occasional thief – with a psycho who’s attached who thinks he’s stiil her boyfriend … what’s not to like?”

Gennie, Nik & Nicky - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewI’m hoping that it won’t be too long now before Nikhil’s also going to be introducing a Dingle to his mum.  He definitely looked a bit miffed when Nicky started paying her a few compliments this week, didn’t he?  Maybe I’ll need to buy that hat after all?

The village’s other Nic – Nicola – has had a busy week. She reckoned that being left in charge while Declan was away could be the first step to promotion.  Er, to what?  She’s the only employee!

How does Declan even run that entire operation with only Nicola (and she’s not even there half the time!), and who’s running the Business when they’re both sat in the pub together I wonder?  She’s usually far too busy making Jimmy’s life a misery to get any work done, and was working especially hard at it this week!  The spectre of Kelly reared its head again though, and Nico wasn’t pleased.

Bob “He just wants to do right by his son.  Now, that can’t be wrong, can it?”

Jimmy & Nicola - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewNicola: “Depends if that evil little chucky doll smashes him on the head again,” she raged, and when the poor man had no power in his office she was hardly sympathetic:

“You want someone to call you an Electrician? Ask that dirty little scrubber Kelly.”

She’d got heads on the brain, and launched another tirade at Jim. “Don’t expect any sympathy when rubber lips wraps a frying pan around your thick skull again.”

Their personalities make them perfect ‘sparring partners’, but I hope Nic stops all this divorce business and they get back together before too long and start making more babies.  That’ll really give her something to complain about!

The Bartons - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewIf Moira carries on giving John such a hard time, she’ll be another one talking about divorce.  It’s strong support that a man needs from his wife when his back’s against the wall, not nagging.  He HAS to do what he’s doing; he’s got no choice. Honestly, after all they’ve just been through with Holly, you’d think she’d have her sleeves rolled up and be out there helping them.

I do think that if John spent a bit less time (and money), taking them all to the pub every five minutes and to the cafe for their dinner though, it might help with both the cash-flow and their looming deadline! There’ll be plenty of time for a pint once the job’s done.

Great fight in the shop.  With Hairy David away, Alicia thinks she’s “Just looking after the shop till David gets back from his one-man honeymoon,”  but Hannah also thinks she’s in charge, and they’ve had a right verbal scrap this week.

Hannah & Alicia - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewHannah: “You think just cos you’re all loud, and point your finger a lot, that makes you the boss.”

Alicia: “Yes, I am the boss love.  I’d be better off leaving our Jake in charge (than you).”

Hannah: “Good idea.  The customers would like him better.  Oh, and you could stay at home all day putting your slap on.”

Alicia: “It’s funny you should mention slap, cos it’s given me a right idea.”

Aaron - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewMarlon and Lauren and Amy’s little secrets are all on a low-light this week, but we’ve seen Aaron pushing himself to the limit (he could have done with missing a night’s sleep or having some bags painted under his eyes though, as he still looked a picture of health to me), and his self-harming’s been very distressing to watch.

Let’s cheer ourselves up with the Grins of the Week.

Diane: “Maybe you could stop in?”

Vic: “Oh, here we go.  Cos when you were a girl you made your own amusements – you’d sit by the piano and watch the dinosaurs play (!)”

Carl: “I’ve had pints of milk frothier than that pint.”

Edna - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewJimmy: “I am house-trained you know?”

Nicola: “You could have fooled me.”

Nicola (to Sam): “Is it ‘Bring a can to work’ day?”

Electrician: “Sorry love.”

Edna: “I am nobody’slove‘!”

Electrician: “I had a feeling you weren’t.”

Rachel (to Marlon about Aaron): “Boyfriend?  You look more gay than he does.”

Katie, Charity & Jai - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewCharity: “Is it mucky?”

Katie: “Oh yeah, Charity.  It involves horses, jodhpurs and whips.”

Charity: Right. Well, possibly leave out the animals and we could be interested!”

PS LOVED Charity ripping the page out of Nikhil’s magazine!

PPS Wasn’t that a great bit of ad-libbing from Zac when that pig squealed in the middle of his line? “Shut up,” he shouted at it and carried on talking!

PPPS Sandy’s a good old stick.  Nice to see him doing something other than sitting in the pub drinking beer (even if it was only sitting in a chair drinking tea)!


This week there’s also my TV Quick Soap-y Special.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REPORT

I met some of the Emmerdale cast at the TV Choice Awards on Tuesday night.  Jade knew them already (from having been to the Village last year), and it seemed clear – from what I saw – that they were a great bunch of people who were certainly up for a laugh.

Lisa Dingle - TV Quick Soap Awards - Jane ReynoldsI had a few words with Lisa and praised her for her fantastic acting during the rape storyline, and she gave me a kiss on the cheek!  Aah, I was fair chuffed.  She looked great, and it was funny to see a guy at the side of her who it took me a moment to recognise as Zac, because he didn’t have a cap on, and looked very smart!

Carl was really funny, and Nicola was lovely.  It was great to be able to have a few words with her (she also looked great and – like Corrie’s Gail – just looked ‘softer’ than she looks on-screen).  I was surprised at how nice they all seemed.  Being half Yorkshire myself, I’ve always known that Northerners are dead friendly, but the Emmerdale lot seemed a right happy band.

Pauline Quirke - TV Quick Soap Awards - Jane ReynoldsPeople have mentioned that I have a ‘look’ of Hazel.  I told her and she said “Yeah, but you’re prettier than me,” which was very sweet but VERY untrue!

She’s looking amazing after that weight loss, and you could almost ‘feel’ the energy coming off her!  Do we look alike?  What do you think?

Jane Reynolds - TV Quick Soap AwardsRachel - TV Quick Soap Awards - Jane ReynoldsThis photo’s of Rachel.  You wouldn’t recognise her as her character, would you!  She sent me a message on Twitter beforehand, which was really kind of her.

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