Jane Reynolds' Weekly Blog – 22nd May 2011

* 22nd May.  This site is still mid-re-vamp. We’re getting there, but please bear with it!

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24 hours ago, this week’s blog was barely a twinkle in my eye, because my week took an unexpected turn!  No, not a book deal alas, but I did end up on the Radio three times in two days! The first was to record a spot for an afternoon show on Radio1 Xtra about the John Stape storyline in Coronation Street.  The last time I listened to Radio 1 during the day The Osmonds were top of the charts, so that wasn’t something I’d imagined I’d have been doing this time last week!

I also (out of the blue), ended up doing my first stint on The Friday Fry-Up with Nick Anderson (Twitter @Nickon1055), 7-9 am on Swindon 105.5 FM.  This is to be a regular thing, and we’ll be co-presenting the show (although he’s the important one because he’s the one twiddling the knobs!), so I hope you’ll try and listen-in this week, as he’s bonkers and so am I!  It’s a mix of toones, a bit of topical stuff and hopefully a lot of laughs.

Nick had invited me in for (what I thought was) a chat, but then sprung it on me that I’d be doing the show with him for the whole two hours.  The track he played after we’d had our first bit of live chat was Smashy & Nicey’s “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” by Bachman–Turner Overdrive, which felt completely surreal and quite funny!  As this was a big day for Swindon, here we were looking jubilant at our Press Conference afterwards.  I’m glad I’d worn my best blue jacket for the occasion.

Nick’s other show: ‘The Big Weekender with Nick and Barry’ is from 4-6 pm on Fridays too, and I’ll hopefully be contributing to some of their brilliantly funny sketches, so if you’re a fan of Radio comedy do tune in, as you’ll probably LOVE this show!

The last one was a sneaky few minutes on Friday’s Jeremy Vine Show, where I was sharing my thoughts on Swindon’s new Traffic initiative.  I’ve been on it about 8 times now over the last couple of years.  I know it’s hardly world-shaking, but it was just funny how it ended up being three times in two days.  Oh, how I laughed!

The knock-on effect was that it blew my blogging schedule out of the water this week.  As you’ll know, this site has been undergoing a re-fit, and it’s created some extra work behind the scenes of these pages but has also meant that I’ve been having to learn a lot of new things, so everything’s taking me longer than normal at the moment.  Consequently, I’ve had to postpone some of the things I wanted to do this week, but Foodie Corner’s back today, and there’s still plenty to go at!

If things go to plan, next week’s blog should have a few more sections, but let’s just see what the week brings, shall we?  After all, I would never have expected any of this to have happened this time last week, so I’ll just go with the flow!

Don’t forget, my debut novel “Just Good Friends?” follows the lives of wealthy South London families embroiled in a series of affairs, the most surprising of which being yummy mummy Ruth and Helen’s, as – after sharing a drunken kiss – their close friendship turns into something deeper and threatens to destroy Ruth’s seemingly strong marriage.  Available from Amazon, Kindle or directly from the Home page of this site as a paperback or ebook.


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