Jane Reynolds' Weekly Blog – 3rd July 2011

Despite my best efforts to try to ignore it and get my work done, I did have to watch some of the tennis from Wimbledon this week.  Murray?  Don’t ask.  There’s a ‘Wimbledon Report’ in ‘And Finally …” for you to read if you fancy it!

Some of it was very good, but it didn’t half play havoc with my already desperately-tight schedule and … you’ve guessed it, the re-vamp’s still not finished, but I promise you, it’s NEARLY there, and I can confidently predict that I’ll be talking you through it next week.

As I write this on Sunday, I’ve been literally sat at my desk for 14 hours straight (and that’s just today)!

I’m struggling to focus right now!  Trying to upload photos has been a nightmare, as the gremlins are out in force, and the ‘justified’ icon literally just disappeared off the toolbar in the last hour too, but Super-Jim (who I shall be revealing to you next week!) has stepped in and fixed it for me, or I might be weeping softly as I type – either that or swigging from the bottle of dry sherry (currently unopened), in the fridge here in my office!

No exciting news to report – as usual, but I mentioned last week that I’d got down to the final eight in a ‘Blurb-writing’ competition.  The winner will be announced by the end of July and although I’m not expecting to win, it’s still really exciting to get short-listed. If you feel like clicking on this link (and then on to my name), you can see it. Book Blurb Competition

Actually, I DO have a bit of news!  I had an email this week giving me details of the first royalty payment coming through from my Kindle book sales.  It’s hardly going to buy me a Villa in Florida, but it’s nice to get it, all the same!

Right.  On with the blog …

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