Jane Reynolds' Weekly Blog – 5th June 2011

Other than my two days cleaning, if I do nothing else except sit in my office working 12-15 hour days for the other five days a week, I can just about manage to keep two paces behind the amount of stuff I have to do.  If I 'lose' a few of those hours – for whatever reason – I run the risk of the whole lot crashing down around me.

That's what's happened over the last three days.  Nothing dramatic, simply the combination of a few unexpected technical hitches combined with the crazy decision to actually take about three hours off on Friday morning in order to shop and prep for a barbecue that night (where I then found – as I went to light it – that my dad had 'mislaid' the rack – don't ask!). It' s culminated in this blog almost not happening atall.

You know I've always been honest with you about how things are going, and I have to say that I'm pretty-much drowning at the moment.  I reckon I need three 'extra' days just to be able to get my head back above water, but I simply don't have three days.  As the cleaning helps pay for the five days writing (which – at present – doesn't pay), I obviously can't give that up, but the end result is that I'm falling further and further behind.

Yesterday (Saturday), I needed to work from home as I'd got behind with my TV-watching for this blog. Everything was recorded ready to go, but I was worn out, yet I forced myself out of bed at 6.15, finished the clearing up from the BBQ, and at 7.00 am decided to set off for a walk to the park (as I'm taking virtually no exercise at the moment as I haven't got time).

I walked back through Oldtown and bought a paper, then saw that one of the little cafes in Wood Street was open.  My head told me that I simply couldn't afford the time to even grab a coffee, and that was when I realised just how much I really DID need to just stop, sit down and have a break for a moment.

This blog is really important to me.  I take huge pride and satisfaction in the variety of topics I include, and am very upset that this one has so much less content than normal, but I simply couldn't get any more done in time.

It's also increased the demand I will now put on myself to 'do better' next week (so am already feeling the pressure of that), and I really need to look long and hard at how I can bring this back into something manageable.

So: apologies.  The re-vamp of this site cannot be completed until I re-write most of the existing content.  I will do my very best to get it done this week, but already know that's unlikely to happen. I'm ok, and am trying to keep things in perspective and not get stressed over it, but the list of things I have to do this week looks overwhelming.

Besides; you should know me by now.  Like an old donkey … I just keep on going, and on the days I want to chuck the towel in (like today), I simply make another pot of coffee and carry on. That's turning into quite a lot of coffee (and the now-mandatory glass of wine when I get home at night), but 'needs must', aye!

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