Jane Reynolds' Weekly Blog – 12th June 2011

As I sit here finishing this week's blog, the rain is battering the window (as it has for every bit of the day), it's blowing a gale and I have the heater on in my Office. Just a normal Summer's day in the UK then!

I really do need another two days in my week, because although I've got the blog out today, the list of other things I've got to do just keeps getting longer.  Things keep cropping up that need to take priority (work-type things), which I've been dealing with as they come in, but there's only so many hours in a day so the re-vamp is still not done.  Soon, soon, honestly.  Nobody's more keen than me to get it all finished, but I can't fit any more hours in without giving up sleep, and if anyone needs beauty sleep, it's me!

Still, "Baby Steps," as Jamie Oliver says.  You know me – I just keep going!

The Radio show's going well.  Nick and I are having a big brainstorming meeting after this Friday's show to start planning for bringing some special features in, and they'll hopefully be both funny and ongoing, but more on that next week.  (The Friday Fry-Up with Nick and Jane on Swindon 105.5 FM 7-9 am on … yes, Fridays!)

Right, on with the blog …

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