Jane Reynolds' Weekly Blog – 26th June 2011

Clock's Ticking - Jane Reynolds' Weekly blog overviewIt's getting beyond a joke now – my site re-vamp – as things just keep happening, and they're conspiring to prevent me from finally finishing it.  All work-related things (none of which seem to actually be getting me anywhere unfortunately!), but things which have cropped up and have needed to take priority.

I can't work any more hours than I do already, so I'm just having to take a deep breath and do everything in order of importance.  "Baby Steps," as Jamie Oliver would say.  I even go for hours without checking-in on Twitter because I simply don't have the time … THAT'S how bad it's got!

I've done a fair bit of work on it this week and am hoping (yes, really!) to have it all done by this time next week.  Watch this space … actually don't.  I'll be sure to tweet with the big news the second it happens!

As I sit in my office writing this last section of the blog (2.30 pm UK time Sunday), something strange is happening.  Outside, the sky has changed from grey to completely blue for the first time since April, and I've been delighted to get a call from my brother and sister-in-law inviting me to a Barbecue round at theirs later – with our friends too.  They know I don't have time to do anything towards it on a Sunday, so all I have to do it turn up.  What a treat!

Thank goodness it wasn't last week, as I was nowhere near finished at this time and the pc-gremlins were also out in force – BIG-time – making it very difficult to get photos uploaded etc.

I briefly mentioned last week that I'd got down to the final eight in a 'Blurb-writing' competition.  The winner will be announced by the end of July and although I'm not expecting to win, it's still really exciting to get short-listed.  If you feel like clicking on this link and then onto my name you'll see my entry (along with all the others if you're curious).  Book Blurb Competition

Right.  On with the blog …

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