Jane Reynolds' Weekly Blog – 19th June 2011

As I lay in bed at 5.30 this morning (Sunday), I wasn't sure this blog would happen.  I'm not feeling well at the moment (and haven't for a couple of weeks), but somehow forced myself up and into my office.

I'm usually at my desk more-or-less constantly from Thursday 6am – Monday teatime, and it's STILL a push to fit it all in, but I've had several other other work-related commitments this week which have meant that I've literally only had today to write this blog.

I usually watch the Soaps as they air nightly – for Soap-y Corner and Corrie Corner (and just about manage to keep up that way), but it didn't happen this week, so I had to spend yesterday watching a whole week's worth in one go, as well as The Apprentice and Jamie's Food Revolution!

I've barely even been on Twitter – which is just crazy (and feels as if I've been cut off from the world!), but there's only so many hours in a day, and I can't have another week like this week's been, so am planning on doing nothing except to sit here in my office catching up (apart from my usual cleaning days on Tuesday/Wednesday) from next Thursday – Monday.

Part of the outcome of this week's work is that we had a brainstorming session on Friday, and the first trail's 'In the Can' for our new Radio Soap 'Park Life', which will be starting soon on The Friday Fry-Up Radio show with Nick and Jane.

You know I always let you know what's happening in this part of the blog (which is usually nothing!), but it was very nice to find out on Thursday that I've got down to the last eight in a 'Blurb-writing' competition!  The winner will be announced by the end of July.  I'm not expecting to win, but it's still really exciting to get short-listed.

As it's Father's Day today, my brother and sister-in-law are coming round to my dad's for a Chinese later, so I've got one eye on the clock as I have to get back and get everything sorted out for that.

I just want to crawl back into bed – to be honest – but never mind, it'll be nice to open a bottle of fizz and have a chat.

Apologies again for the lack of content in this blog (but hope you'll enjoy what there is), and rest-assured that I'm counting the minutes until I can get back behind this desk on Thursday morning and work like a navvy to get up to date.  Bye for now.

Please note:

(My debut novel "Just Good Friends?" follows the lives of wealthy South London families embroiled in a series of affairs, the most surprising of which being yummy mummy Ruth and Helen's, as – after sharing a drunken kiss one night – their close friendship turns into something deeper and threatens to destroy Ruth's seemingly strong marriage.  Available from Amazon, Kindle or directly from the Home page of this site as a paperback or ebook.)

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