Jane Reynolds' Weekly Magazine/Blog – 23rd Oct 2011

This has been a much better week. Yay!

I’ve worked a lot less hours but seem to have achieved a lot. Getting a proper night’s sleep has really helped, but the main reason I feel so much better is either because of the Reiki session I had; the fact that I’ve been back reading my ‘bibles’ this week (my collection of Self-Help/Motivational books), or a combination of the two. Whatever it is, it’s working and I feel a lot more focussed (which has certainly come at the right time as it’s been a particularly testing week with my dad!).

I’m not the sort who rushes to read their horoscope every morning, but I do read Jonathan Cainer in the Daily Mail TV Guide on Saturdays. I then re-read it the following Saturday, and the last four have proved to have mirrored exactly what’s actually happened that week. This is yesterday’s:

As you’ll know, I’ve been agonising over recent weeks as to whether to just give up. Living with my dad, a lack of money and spending almost every waking moment working have been really taking their toll on me, and I’ve been asking ‘The Universe’ for help and guidance.

My recent Horoscopes have talked of a breakthrough, and I think that’s what I’ve finally had this week (in my mind, anyway). It says ‘Success will not be easy’, but my life hasn’t been easy since 1994 so I’m used to that! Strangely, on the 21st October the Daily Mail published two articles that could have been press releases for my book. Here’s both the links if you’d like to have a look.



They’ve frustrated me – as they’re both SO relevant to the theme of my book that I just want to shout it out to the world, but they’ve inspired me too, as I knew when I wrote it that there was a market, and I suddenly feel as if that time might finally be NOW.

I’m filled with both hope and frustration as I write this, and/but my mind is buzzzing with ways to forge ahead. I’ve come so far. I’ve had no life for nearly five years now, but I feel as if I’m being told to keep going so that’s what I’m going to do …

Ah, what a lovely story Jane.

(PS I’m going to put a ‘Supermarket Swipe’ post in next week, as I’ve got a complaint!)

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Right. On with the blog. Oh, hang on. I’ve just remembered. It’s a year ago almost to the day (27th October 2010) since I wrote my first blog. Boy. It’s changed a bit since then!

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