Jane Reynolds' Weekly Magazine/Blog – 14th August 2011

As you read this I’m down in Eastbourne, trying finally to get an actual ‘good’ photo of the Red Arrows (rather than the trails of smoke I only usually manage to get – even after Ten years trying!), and am also trying to get over the guilt of not being here to do my blog this week.

I promise I’ll be hard at it as soon as I get back to my desk.

It was very weird this week watching the Soaps and not having to pause them every time I wanted to write a line/comment down for the blog. It almost felt like being a ‘normal’ person again (watching TV without a notebook and pen in my hand), but as I won’t be able to watch Thursday’s and Friday’s Episodes until next Monday night, it would have been impossible to do my blog.

If you’d been hoping for more, why not use this week to maybe have a look back over some of my old posts?  There’s a lot of stuff in there that I want to put into sections (like Celebri-teeze for example), but just haven’t had the time to do yet.  There’s a lot of foodie stuff and Handy Hints (some not so handy!), and lots of things that my more recent blogs haven’t included now that they focus more on TV/Soap reviews.  (I’d love to write more sections each week but there simply aren’t enough hours in the day unfortunately.)

I haven’t read a book for months, but I’ve got Hollywood Sinners by Victoria Fox with me.  I read the first four pages (which were great) about three months ago and it’s been on my bed ever since.  I’m also looking forward to doing a bit of actual ‘thinking’ while I’m there.  At the moment, I simply get up, work all day, watch TV all night for the blog (with one eye on Twitter), then fall into bed and am instantly asleep!

TV Times

I’ve just got to say a word about this week’s Episodes of Celebrity Apprentice USA.  Just when I thought this show couldn’t get any more jaw-droppingly amazing, it did.  What happened this week had me on the edge of my seat, but to see what happened at the end …

Trace Adkins - Celebrity Apprentice USA - Jane Reynolds' Sunday blog It’s worth watching too, for the wonderful voice of Trace Adkins.  He was Project Manager on Ep 7, and we finally saw more of his character for the first time.  What a genuinely charming man.  I have to say: I would never tire of listening to him talk; he’s got a voice of pure velvet. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

This week’s Eps are on iPlayer until Monday night, so if you fancy watching the most exciting TV of the year,


The blog will be back to normal next week. Hope you’ll be back to read it!  Thank you.

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