Jane Reynolds' Weekly Magazine/Blog – 10th July 2011

This is very exciting for me – writing this today.  If this is your first time to my site, you’ve picked a good week for it, as – yes folks – after all the promises (and the many unexpected hiccups along the way), the updated site is now live!  Please take a moment to check out the other pages if you’ve got time.

“It just looks the same to me,” some of you might think, but it’s not.  It’s ‘New, Improved!’ and the biggest part of what’s gone on has been behind the scenes and in my head (as I’ve had to learn a lot of new things along the way).  I struggle with the minutiae of computer stuff at the best of times, but I’d discovered that all my hours of effort were hardly being seen by anyone other than my few original Twitter friends, but that’s all changed now – and it’s down to just one man.

Unfortunately, that man is himself making some changes to his own website this week and has asked that (like any good SuperHero), I don’t reveal his identity, so I’m having to hold back on the praise and adulation until next week!  Suffice to say – it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with him, so if you need a SEO person who you can trust and rely on 100%, then check-in next week for his name!

Daz Soap ClubSpeaking of ‘New, Improved’ etc, does Washing Powder spring to mind when you hear those words?  I had an email on Monday afternoon from a company who represent the Daz Soap Club, telling me how much they enjoyed reading my blogs, and would I like to enter the category of  “Britain’s Number One Soap Blogger.”

I immediately thought it was a wind-up, but it turns out it wasn’t!  I can’t tell you how nice that feels because (like with the ‘Blurb’ Competition), although I don’t expect to win, just being approached is a real honour and makes me feel SO much happier while I’m sitting here doing my 90 hours a week!

This week’s blog’s only got The Apprentice and the Soaps because I HAD to get the site finished, but the pressure’s eased a bit now so I’m looking forward to adding a few more sections next week.

Simon Cowell - 'Celebri-teeze' interview! - Jane Reynolds weekly blogMy other big task is to get my Tax stuff in to my Account (as he’s very keen and is hassling me for it!) There’s loads of other stuff on the older posts if you fancy, ranging from my interview with Simon Cowell on Celebri-teeze (6th March); through how to get the fingermarks off your stainless steel hob (13th March), to how to make a delicious, low fat/calorie Chinese meal in two minutes with only two ingredients and one pan – or bowl in a microwave (27th Feb)!

(Excuse the layout/formatting on some of the posts. They went a bit funny as a result of the changes made to the site but I haven’t had chance to go in and adjust them yet.  Something else on the list!)

Oh yes.  My book has had its first independent review come out this week too. I’ll put a link up to it next week as I haven’t got it for you today.  In the meantime, if you feel like clicking on this link (and then on to my name), you can see my Book Blurb Competition entry here.

Can I just ask that if you like these blogs you might consider telling your friends?  As you’ll know; my dream is to earn some sort of a living from my writing one day, and – as Tesco say: ‘Every little helps’!

Right.  On with the blog …

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