Jane Reynolds' Weekly Magazine/Blog – 9th Oct 2011

Steve Jobs - Jane Reynolds' weekly blog.There’s been so much written about the death of Steve Jobs over the last few days. It just reminds me that no matter HOW rich, HOW famous or how HEALTHY you are, it’s all just an absolute lottery … as you can’t ‘buy’ life. Steve Jobs was one of the world’s richest, cleverest and most powerful men, but cancer picked him – and that was that.

Many of us will be lucky-enough to have been able to take our health for granted, but once we get to a certain point (like when we realise we can’t just ‘leap’ out of bed any more!), we suddenly become aware that the clock’s ticking, and seeing someone like Steve Jobs die at only 56 just makes you wonder what the hell it’s all about.

This week I’ve deliberately put a couple of tasks on the ‘back burner’ as I’m getting burnt out’ by my self-imposed workload. It’s a chicken/egg thing, isn’t it? We work hard to try and achieve things, but at what cost? Regular readers of this blog will know my situation and that – at nearly 53 now, my life is less than satisfactory in almost every way (so I HAVE to keep pushing myself), but I’m actually going to just try and ease off a little in order to take a bit better care of myself physically from now on.

That means starting walking again. It’s free, and it’s a great way of getting the use of my legs back again (after sitting at this desk for up to 14 hours a day most days), so that’s my goal this week. I hate and loathe exercise, but if I can get myself moving, then hopefully it’ll help a bit!

"You're in denial." "No I'm not!"That’s why this blog’s come out on Monday again this week. It was my best friend’s 50th Birthday on Saturday. Once we get to a certain age, we suddenly wonder where the hell the years went (as it seems like only five minutes since we were 21), and she’s been trying her best to pretend it wasn’t actually going to happen to her, so this is the card I bought!

Five of us went for a meal and I stayed overnight so wasn’t able to watch X Factor or take the photos from my TV that I needed for the Soapy Corner posts. Rather than get in a guilty panic though, I just did it all on Sunday night and posted it when I finished. See? Taking better care of myself!

I spent Sunday calmly working-away (rather than being completely stressed-out like I normally am), and it was all very nice. I even stopped for half an hour and read the paper while I had my coffee and toast (rather than munch and slurp as I type, like I normally do)!

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Ok. On with the blog.

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