Jane Reynolds' Weekly Magazine/Blog – 30th Oct 2011

Sunrise over Swindon (doesn’t that sound romantic!), usually gives me a good photo-opportunity from my office window. I thought I’d start including the best one of the week. Here’s this week’s:

My friend had to go to Bath on Thursday after work, so (in a moment of gay abandon), I said I’d go with her. We drove over in the pouring rain, at dusk, in a lovely warm car (one of my favourite-ever things!), and had a right good natter on the way.

While she went down to the Apple Store I went to the Fine Cheese Company and bought a packet of their yummy cheese-y biscuits then went to Waitrose. I haven’t been to Bath for over a year, and I haven’t been to a Waitrose since last Christmas Eve. For someone whose main hobby has always been ‘hanging-out in Supermarkets’, that’s just crazy!

It’s because I’ve been working so hard I haven’t even found the time to drive the 14 miles from Swindon to my nearest store in Marlborough. I’m planning on going very soon now though – as part of my ‘looking after myself’ regime. I just need to fit some exercise in too!

My positive spirit has continued, but unfortunately, yet-another unbelievable event in my funny little life has meant that I won’t be going back to the Hypnosis/Reiki guy. Shame. My tinnitus is the worst it’s ever been at the moment. It actually hurts, so I’ll have to try and find another way of getting that sorted.

Aside from that though, it’s all ticking-along, with nothing else much to report, except that this week’s Jonathan Cainer Capricorn Horoscope tells me that my Cosmic Climate in November is favourable and that I’m going to emerge triumphant. Well, that’s something to look forward to, isn’t it? Can’t wait for that …

Here’s a photo of the side of Bath Abbey I took on Thursday. It was actually raining (even though the sky looks white!), and the square is where my father used to buy a bag of bird seed for sixpence from Hinders Pet Shop across the road (right where I’m standing), and my brother and I would throw it to the pigeons while my parents sat on the benches and smoked!

I’d have been about six or seven I suppose. We lived near Bath, and would always do something on a Sunday afternoon. This was one of our favourite treats. My dad used to be a choir-boy in Bath Abbey during the second World War and remembers having to go to practise in the blackout and having to feel his way along the roads to get there. Ah, what a lovely story.

I digress …

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PS There’s a bit more stuff in the ‘And Finally … ‘ section.


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