Jane Reynolds' Weekly Magazine/Blog – 4th September 2011

This week started out like any other, but while I was at my Wednesday job I received a text telling me my services were no longer required at my Tuesday job (he now has a live-in girlfriend who’s going to be doing it in future apparently). That’s understandable, but it means that 50% of my (meagre) income has now gone in a flash.

As I was trying to absorb that information, my phone ‘buzzed’ again, and this time it was an email from the Daz people (I recently came 3rd in the Annual Daz ‘Soap Blogger of the Year 2011’ Awards, in case you didn’t know), asking me if I’d be interested in being transported up to London to stand on the red carpet outside the Savoy on the 13th September for the TV Choice Soap Awards 2011 and report/interview the Soap Stars live for them on their way into the Event.

After thinking about it for – ooh – a nano-second, I emailed them back to say yes, and as it’s on a Tuesday night I won’t even have to change my hours that week …

I’m now in a quandry as to what to wear though, as if you’re a regular reader of my blogs you’ll know that fashion and I go together like roast beef and custard.  I can trip over in trainers, so a pair of heels will be something of a challenge for me, and my one-and-only ‘little black dress’ is packed-away in a suitcase at the back of a Self-Storage unit somewhere, so will need digging-out tomorrow to make sure the moths haven’t had it for dinner!

I’ll let you know how it’s shaping-up next week, as it’ll only be a day to go before my trip by then, but I’m certainly looking forward to it, and the thought of getting to actually speak to some of the people I write about in my weekly ‘Soap-y Corners’ is something I could never have imagined would be happening as I sat down to write my first post at the beginning of the year.

The money I’m losing from my Tuesday job will help my diet no-end, so I’ll be shimmying up that carpet and you’ll barely be able to see me if I turn sideways.  My mother always told me to look on the bright side … well, she would have done if she could have stopped crying for long enough!

'The Big Weekender' with Nick, Barry & Jane on Swindon 105.5 FM & on Jane's blogI’d been looking forward to starting back with Nick Anderson on our Friday Fry-Up Radio show on Swindon 105.5 FM this week, but unfortunately, Nick’s other work commitments have meant that he’s had to pull out, so I’ll be doing a regular Soap Spot (at around 4.15 pm), on the afternoon show The Big Weekender 4-6 pm every Friday.

If you like a laugh then this is for you, as Nick and Barry are two of the funniest men I’ve ever heard, and their show is a wonderful mix of banter and sketches and is soon to hopefully feature its own Soap, ‘Park Life’: set in Swindon, and combining the best (and worst) of all Soap-land has to offer!  It’ll be written in large part by Yours Truly, with input from the guys (and the listener – if he or she cares to contribute), and we’ll be recording it each week and broadcasting it during the show.

I’d been hoping to introduce a new blog section this week, but – as per – my week’s taken an unexpected turn and it hasn’t happened.  More so than ever now, earning money’s got to be my number one goal, so that’ll be another thing to occupy my mind.

So. That’s my week.  What will this week bring?  It’s probably best not to think about it, frankly!  Hilary Devey’s on Dragons’ Den tonight, so that’s far-enough ahead for me I think.  Right. On with the blog …

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