Jane Reynolds Weekly – 15th May 2011

16th May. As it’s a ‘work in progress’, there’s still a few things that need fixing.  Not all the ‘Individual Blog Sections’ have new content this week, so maybe just go to ‘Latest Blog’ if you only want to read this week’s postings.

Firstly, Eurovision.  Let me ask you this: if you watched it on Saturday night, when you woke up on Sunday morning, were you able to hum the tune of even one of the songs?  Those Jedward boys had fun on EurovisionNo, nor me.  All I can remember is the Swedish one (which was the one I wanted to win), because it HAD a catchy tune, and I can actually remember the word ‘Popular’ was in it!

Those Jedward boys looked to be having fun, and theirs was a jolly toone – which got my toes tapping at the time, but I can’t actually remember how it went today, and as for the winner … (shrugs vaguely).  Ok, down to business.

The revamp of this blog is coming along nicely.  You’ll notice that you can now read the whole blog in one go, or go to your favourite sections first.  How exciting is that, aye?  It might not seem like it, but the work behind the scenes is exhausting as I’m having to do even more than just write the blog now!

It’s all for a good reason though, but it’s a steep learning curve for me, and I’m at least another week away from cracking it.  Luckily, I’ve got a top man on the job at the other end, and those foundations that needed building are all in place now.  If only the YTS trainee (me) wasn’t taking so long getting the hang of it, we’d be laughing!

As a consequence, there’s a few sections missing again this week.  The time it’s taken to get this far has left me moulded to the shape of my chair (as I’ve barely been out of it for a week), but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, so it’s all good.

There’s been a problem uploading photos this week too, so some aren’t quite what I’d wanted – or are in the place I wanted them – but it’ll all be fixed by next week.  Bear with it; it’s nearly there!

PS For all you Archers fans, the reason there’s no Archer-y post is that so little happened this week there wasn’t really a lot for me to say!

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