Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 16th December 2013

IMG_2695Despite my very best endeavours I haven’t been able to find the time to write this post over the last couple of weeks, and haven’t even had time to write any Soapy Corners this week either.

I feel really bad about this (and extremely guilty), but they take 2-3 days’ work and with Christmas approaching I simply haven’t had that amount of time available. I’m already getting up at 6.00 am every morning (seven days a week) in order to try and fit everything in as it is!

My paid work has to come first and so my YahooTV posts got done, my radio show got done and my clients got their clothes ironed (ah, my gorgeous life!).

I managed to get the Christmas decorations up, write a lot of lists, and I even forced myself to go and do some Christmas shopping – although I DID do it in Bath, so was able to pick up a loaf of Carluccio’s wonderful fennel (seed) and raisin bread, some Hobb’s House organic wholemeal from the bread shop and nip into Waitrose while I was there!

IMG_2701The pretty tree (above right) was outside one of the Hotels and it had a large wooden alpine ski-chalet-type bar set up outside too. It looked so warm and inviting inside, but I had far too much to do to imbibe!

I loathe shopping for anything not food-related, and it was only being able to look at the pretty Christmas market and the Abbey as I trudged up and down that helped with the pain of it all (and the pain in my hands from carrying heavy bags)!

It was pretty poignant too – as I stood for a moment after taking this picture of the Abbey. My father had been a choirboy there, and as he died this March and it’ll be our first Christmas without him I did have more than a few tears in my eyes (and will no doubt have a lot more over the next couple of weeks!) as I looked at that beautiful building in awe (as I do every time I see it).

This week is manic too so I’m going to have to dash, but at least it’s a few words! Hope you have a good week, and I’ll write another post on Sunday. There won’t be any Soapy Corners this week either, as I’ve got a lot of food shopping and baking to do this weekend, have to work next Monday AND have to write my YahooTV posts!

Where you can read/hear me:

I’m very pleased to be writing for Yahoo!TV, and here’s my latest posts with them: What we learned from the Soaps this week and The best of the week’s one-liners’‘What we learned from the Soaps’ is original content and is unrelated to my Soapy Corners, so if you’d like to learn a few (completely UN) important (and humorous) handy hints and tips, go and take a look! (If the link isn’t showing the most recent post it’ll be because it hasn’t yet been published by YahooTV. As soon as it is I’ll update the links.)

My live, lighthearted internet Soap review will be on Tellyspy (Twitter: @Tellyspy) between 6.00 and 6.30 pm this Thursday, and I’ll be doing my usual half hour Soapy chat on The Big Mid-Morning Show on Thursday morning on Swindon 105.5 FM too, but will be there for the whole two hours (as it’s Christmas!) between 10.00-12.00.

PS The site update is almost complete, but I’m putting the launch back until the end of January as I HAVE to get my tax return done as soon as Christmas is over. Aargh. Stress!

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