Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 10th November 2013

SunsetoverSwindonAs ever, my posts start with a ‘Sunset Over Swindon’ (formerly SunRISE Over Swindon’!) photo. This is the view outside my window on Tuesday 12th (about 4.30 pm) as I write this:

I made the fatal error of going out last Wednesday night, then invite people for dinner on both Thursday and Friday nights – as well as having a big meeting on Thursday morning.

The result was that I didn’t end up posting this blog until an hour before I had to start all over again Soap-watching for THIS week’s ‘Soapy Corners’, and was already wondering how I was going to fit it all in (as I’ve got some other commitments this week which will take up quite a bit of my time).

That was the moment when the solution (which I’d been asking ‘The Universe’ to provide me with for months) suddenly came to me, and my path became absolutely clear.

Writing and producing my ‘Soapy Corners’ takes up almost half my week. That’s too long. From next week they’re going to be condensed-down into a much more concise version, with occasional ‘special reports’ (perhaps) if a big storyline’s coming to a head, etc.

This will free me up to start work on some of the many other projects/ideas on my ‘to do’ list which will then – in turn – hopefully start to earn me some money, as I’ve got lots of bills (including electric central heating!) to pay for now that I’m living by myself since my father died earlier in the year. (Since I’d given up work to write I’d been living at home with my dad, but the house is now sold and I have to start earning a living again!)

I’m very pleased to have started writing for Yahoo!TV as of last week, and here’s my latest posts with them: ‘What we learned from the Soaps this week’ and ‘The best of the week’s one-liners’.

This site is getting a makeover too. Watch this space for lots of changes!

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