Jane's Supermarket Swipe!

Dale Winton - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Jane's Supermarket Swipe' blog“Here it is my darlings, a new feature.”

But unlike Dale’s Supermarket Sweep, this one’s Jane’s Supermarket Swipe: a brand new page where you can come and tell the Supermarkets etc exactly what you think they could do a little better.

I get so fed up with emailing Supermarkets (or via contact forms on their websites), and never getting a reply that I thought “How about if I have a place where they can come to ME instead?” Revolutionary, yes … or no. It’ll catch-on or it won’t, and that’s where you come in.

If you have any ideas/suggestions/complaints, then just leave a comment during the week and I’ll add it to the following Sunday’s blog then tweet all the Supermarkets who’ve got comments on a Monday to pass our collective feedback on and see if we can’t do both them – and ourselves – a favour.

I’ll get the ball rolling, then it’s over to you!

Shampoo - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Jane's Supermarket Swipe' blogHere’s what started me off.  I use Tesco’s 65p a bucket own-label dandruff shampoo (because I’m worth it!), which seems to be just as good as the ‘leading brand’, but they’ve just changed the packaging. Now; what idiot would change the design from one where you squirt the shampoo into your hand then run your thumb/finger over the smooth, rounded top/hole to wipe it clean before closing the lid – to this?

It now has a recessed lid, with a raised hole, and it’s impossible to use it without shampoo collecting in the gulley. How can you get rid of it? You can’t. It just dribbles down the bottle when you shut the lid.

I simply cannot believe that someone a) designed this bottle (and was no doubt paid a handsome fee for their trouble), and that b) someone then actually approved it. What was wrong with the old design? It did ‘Exactly what it said on the tin’. Squirt, wipe, shut. Job done.

Right. That’s one. Here’s another.

The Natural Bagel Company Bagels - 'Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Supermarket Swipe' blogNot one Supermarket sells any type of bagel, wrap, crumpet or muffin that doesn’t have Emulsifiers, Mono-di whatnots and a whole list of other ghastly chemicals in them. Why do they need to be there? Granted, the New York Bagel Co’s cinnamon bagels don’t have any ‘nasties’ in – which is why I buy them (luckily, they taste of mixed spice and not cinnamon or I wouldn’t!), but some of their others do.

For two weeks only, my local Tesco sold these, but they soon disappeared without a trace. If the Supermarkets can sell 50 different types of ‘plastic’ bread* (the vinegar-y, artificial smell as I walk down the aisle is enough to make me gip), why can’t they sell ‘proper’ stuff too?

Genesis Crafty Soda Bagels - 'Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Jane's Supermarket Swipe' blogThey all sell a great range of gluten-free breads etc these days, but that’s not what I’m on about. I just want some ‘proper/natural’ products like these please. Who’s going to be the first to start stocking them? I’ll post it on here the minute I hear someone does.

I promise to congratulate and feature any Supermarket that acts on what we raise on here. I’m not looking for it to be a ‘Moaning Minnie’ site; simply a one-stop shop for us consumers to get our requests/niggles across. I LOVE Supermarkets, and my number two way of treating myself is to spend a couple of hours wandering round a Supermarket, having a good old mooch around the shelves (number one is a bowl of pasta with great bread and good red wine)!

We are so lucky to have the most wonderful choice of products available; great offers/deals, and can shop almost 24 hours a day, but Supermarkets so often miss a trick too. Let’s make Jane’s Supermarket Swipe THE place to tell them what we’d
like them to sell and what we don’t like about some of the things they DO sell, shall we?

Asda grated carrotCome on, have your say …

PS Despite my having covered it in both my Foodie Corner blog and on Twitter, nobody else has yet started selling bags of grated carrot – except Asda. It’s SUCH a versatile ingredient, and it’s madness that nobody sells it.

*I’m not talking about the fresh bakery-counter stuff. Some of it – especially in Waitrose, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s (when they’ve actually got any), is rather good.

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