Living in ‘The Now’. Hey, what’s going on, Jane?

Blue Sky

“‘Living in ‘The Now’? What’s going on, indeed?” you might ask if you were interested, and – let’s face it – you probably aren’t, but if you read (or now care to read) the post I wrote on 27th September you’ll see that it was my first in over two years.

“Ok, so you’ve just been a bit lazy for the last two years really then, haven’t you Jane?” you’d probably think.

On the contrary. I’ve been extremely busy procrastinating for those two years (as well as moving home several times). It’s taken up a lot of time, but physically not being able to bring myself to sit down and write even a word has been down to a far deeper issue than that.

Realising that I simply couldn’t (and didn’t want to) continue like that though; I took drastic action and went to see somebody last week who I hoped might be able to somehow help me through it, and ‘help me’ he has! Since then I’ve had the best few days that I can pretty much ever remember.

Not in an ‘I love you all’, and ‘Ooh, isn’t that sky blue?’ sort of way (hope you like the blue sky photo!), but in a calm and reasoned way. Despite my logical brain thinking that it ought to be looking back with regret, or forward with fear (as has been the norm), I’ve instead found myself literally living in ‘The Now’.

I’ve read more books on this subject over the last few years than you can shake a stick at, but whose teachings I’ve never been able to put into practise (no matter how hard I’ve tried), and yet I now find that, try as I might to feel sorry for myself or worry about the future, my brain just ‘pings’ back to the present.

It’s been ten days since I saw Paul and the feeling still hasn’t diminished in any way. I’ve achieved more in the last ten days than I have in the last year and just feel very happy to be alive; appreciative of everything I have and of everything around me. And yet nothing else in my life has changed.

That’s the strange part. How can just talking to someone for an hour and a half have brought about this change? I’m damned if I know, but I don’t care; I’m just thrilled by it and am about to start work on a lot of new projects which I’ll keep you posted on as I work through them.

If you’re feeling like I was and want to know the name of the person who’s managed to bring about this great change in me, then here’s his details: it’s Paul King at

Have a great week and I’ll be back again soon!

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