TV Times – 10th July 2011

The Apprentice Week 10 – Reinvesting You see so much more from watching something a second time, don’t you?  I saw that bit from the end of last week’s show where Melody didn’t even acknowledge Zoe on her way out.  That’s just plain rude, isn’t it? Right; on to this week, and Susie was at […]

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'The Holiday' - Jane Reynolds' TV Times blogspot

TV Times 3rd July 2011

The Apprentice Week 9 – Biscuits SirAlan’s car crawled up to the house at the dead of night (have you noticed how sometimes it’s light at night and sometimes it’s dark?), then gave a knock on the door that would have put the wind up the Grim Reaper himself. Once he’d mixed the teams up […]

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Melody from The Apprentice - Jane Reynolds

TV Times 26th June 2011

The Apprentice Week 8 – France Melody's irritating everyone. "I used to speak six languages.  I taught myself Italian as well.  As well as the other six?  So, seven then?  "Obviously when we do work at a UN level, you use a lot of the languages there, but I run a global business (you don't […]

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