The Apprentice wk 7 - from Jane Reynolds

TV Times 19th June 2011

The Apprentice Week 7 – 'Freemium' Magazines. Jim was really under the spotlight this week – as PM of Venture (or was it Logic – SirAlan muddled them all up again!), and showed he could have another great career as a PM ahead of him – Prime Minister – if this doesn't work out. As […]

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Chris Lilley - from Jane Reynolds' TV Times Review of Angry Boys

TV Times 12th June 2011

The Apprentice I'll refrain from making any 'rubbish' jokes, and get straight on and say that this week's show has been my least favourite of any Apprentice Episode ever I think, simply because it was so far away from their usual sort of thing that they were ALL completely out of their comfort zone, which […]

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