TV Times 5th June 2011

  The Apprentice Well, we didn’t see that one coming, did we? First Ellie, and then Old 'Sportacus' bounced out as well. Like a lot of people, I end up watching The Apprentice with one eye on Twitter and the other on the TV.  When I got to the end of this week’s show though, […]

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Nick Hewer - The Apprentice - Jane Reynolds' review in this week's blog

TV Times 29th May 2011

The Apprentice There’s often a clue at the beginning of the show as to who’ll end up being fired that week.  Usually it’s something like “I’m SirAlan’s Apprentice.  I’m going to win this for sure,” or “As soon as he said the task was about X, I knew I had to be PM because that’s […]

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Jane Reynolds' Weekly Blog 29th May 2011

The re-vamp is ‘getting there’ now, but although the site still doesn’t look much different to  last week, behind the scenes a lot’s gone on.  A couple more weeks should have it sorted. Part of the reason it’s taking so long is that other things have been happening, and there literally aren’t enough hours in […]

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That Kim, she's got some front! From Jane Reynolds' EastEnders Soap-y Corner

Soap-y Corner 29th May

Emmerdale I’ve loved Emmerdale this week because it’s had lots of Charity, Chas, Debbie (and current boyfriends ), + Cain of course.  Ah, Cain.  Sometimes you love him, sometimes you hate him.  He can be the cruellest of bullies one minute, then be fiercely defending his family/friends the next. Anyone who reads my blogs regularly […]

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