Queen Vic Corner – 28th August 2011

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My heart sinks when EastEnders do these ‘Awayday’ Episodes, and this week didn’t change my mind.

Why has Dot got a half-sister she’s NEVER mentioned in the whole 150 years of the Soap; how come they always manage to get such good car-parking spaces; how did Rob manage to find Whitney in Saarfend, and how did Ryan manage to survive his ‘swim’ and turn up clean and dry (without even being heard scrunching towards her on the pebbles), JUST at the second Whitney was going to throw the necklace away?

Shirley - EastEnders - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Queen Vic Corner' reviewThe best bit of the week (apart from seeing Kim again after weeks of absence: give her a proper storyline please!), was Shirley. There’s a few ‘stereotypical’ lesbian looks, and Shirley’s definitely got one of them!  She fitted right in at that Event (and very good she looked too, in my opinion)!  I love Shirley, and she’s got fantastic comic timing.

Her face/response when Heather revealed her T-shirt: “The excitement’s crippling me,” and her incredulous “You brought me here as your lesbian lover?” right in front of everyone, were classic!

Wasn’t it sweet for Heather to get a kiss?  (If she’s getting a boyfriend, there’s hope for me yet!)  She was looking very nice this week though, and I do hope she ‘gets’ with this Andrew feller properly.  Heather thought it was Shirley he fancied, and when she confronted her about it, Shirley replied, “Do me a favour.  I’ve heaved enough for one day.” Great stuff!Whitney & Fatboy - EastEnders - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Queen Vic Corner' review

Let’s hope Whitney and Fats get together too.  They’d make a sweet couple.  Ooh, I’m such a match-maker, aren’t I? Let’s get back to reality next week though please.  This week mostly felt like ‘padding’.  I didn’t have time to write as many notes as normal (as I was having to ‘speed-watch’ this week), but did jot down a couple of nice lines:

Dot (to her sister): “Even as a girl, you had no elastic in your drawers.”

Heather: “I met him.  Went out with him. Met his mum.  I finished with him.”

Shirley: “Well, that’s not bad for one day.”

PS Fatboy kept going on about being a “Chief.”  What on earth does that mean?  They not only need subtitles, but a translation for half of what he says.

PPS Where’s Tanya?  Missing her!


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