Queen Vic Corner – 6th November 2011

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Thank goodness for Kim this week. She has the word funny just running right through her! She decided to have a party, and set-about telling the world – starting in the caff. “Everyone’s going to be Kim - EastEnders - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Queen Vic Corner' reviewthere,” she announced.

Lola: “Everyone’s going to be where?”

Kim (looks at her thoughfully): “Almost everyone’s gonna be there.”

She’s a woman with a sexual radar on full blast and doesn’t care who knows it! She asked Ben’s advice on her outfit.

Kim: “Too much?”

Ben: “Maybe a bit too much.”

Kim: “Perfect.”

Kim - EastEnders - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Queen Vic Corner' reviewIt was so funny when she sallied out of that Salon and waved her arm, and funny too when Roxy was at the upstairs window and said she could kiss her, and Kim replied matter-of-factly, “You’re not my type, but thanks.”

It was also SO funny when Shirley was talking to Roxy and just opened the window and threw a bucket of water over Janine in the middle of the conversation. (Improved her new hairstyle 100% too!)

Janine - EastEnders - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Queen Vic Corner' reviewA Bad drinking from a mug Award this week goes to Jack, who forgot to swallow his plastic coffee in the Hospital (probably a wise move actually).

How did Amy manage to run herself a bath (just deep enough to fall face-down into but not drown in), anyway? Wouldn’t she have either used hot water and scalded herself, or left the taps running so it overflowed? That’s what a small child would normally do …

I’m sure the line in the song playing as Roxy left Ben on his own with Amy was #Should have took care, care, care. That’s definitely one for the Appropriate/Inappropropriate Music spot. I found a screen a couple of weeks ago that told me the tracklistings they use, but I can’t find it today, or I’d tell you for sure.

Roxy  - EastEnders - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Queen Vic Corner' reviewThis whole storyline’s another one that’s just come from nowhere though, and now we’re going to have to endure a tedious custody battle. Jack’s hardly fit to look after her either, is he? They should all take a step back and think of Amy. Was it right for a small child to see her mother dragged away like that? No.

Tanya - EastEnders - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Queen Vic Corner' reviewWe were all thrilled to see it finally come to a head with the Creepy Doctor this week, and Zainab got the truth out of him, but  – hang on. There was nothing on Friday’s Episode. How come? What’s going to happen to him?

Thank goodness we got a bit of Tanya on Friday. She made up for the disappointment – all by herself. (Gotta have a photo!)

Not many, but here’s the Grins of the week:

Roxy (shouting out of her window like a right Chav): “By the way; I ain’t a Chav.”

Shirley (to Janine): “Do you want me to rearrange your face?”

Shirley (to Ian): “Oy, nose-ache.”

Dot - EastEnders - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Queen Vic Corner' reviewAmira - EastEnders - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Queen Vic Corner' reviewDot and the Vicar dancing. Hilarious!

PS Did you see Amira with a balloon on her head?

PPS Michael looked almost normal in his shirt and tie this week.

PPPS Phil said “Richard’s a Mitchell.” Who’s Richard?

PPPPS More of Lola setting a bad example this week. Ben asked her whether she was going to lock the bike. “It wasn’t locked up when I found it,” she replied. Not funny …

PPPPPS So, Jodie knows Poppy ‘intimately’ does she? Is there something they haven’t told us about this friendship?!


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