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Emmerdale Review - from Jane Reynolds' 'Soap-y Corner'What I didn't twig last week was that if Chas gets back with Carl, then that leaves Nik free to get with Gennie.  Bring it on; I want a wedding please.  She's good marriage material, and having both the Dingles and Brenda as In-Laws will bring all sorts of comedy complications to poor old Nikhil's life! 

Gennie's unrequited love for Nic in Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' Soap-y CornerLook at her; she's lovesick, poor girl.  Come on, put her out of her misery and put them together soon!  Lots of of Charity/Chas this week – always good in my book, as it's a laugh a minute when they're on.  After last week's traumatic scenes we needed a bit of a laugh, and that pair are always guaranteed to deliver – with  a bloke usually being on the receiving end of one of their caustic put-downs.

Cain: "That's nice  Toffee boy and Carl King are bezzie mates.  What's going on there?"

Charity: "Let me think.  Carl runs a haulage firm and needs his sweets driving around … No, I can't imagine what they must be talking about."

I'm so uncomfortable about Ashley's stance over Jackson.  It's not a Vicar's job to judge.  Goodness me; if you looked back at some of the things most of the inhabitants of that village have got up to at one time or another, it's a wonder Ashley can bring himself be able to speak to any of them!  See?  If he can forgive some of the shocking things his parishioners have done in the past, he jolly-well ought to show some compassion for Hazel.

Hazel stands up to Chas - Jane Reynolds' Emmerdale Review in Soap-y CornerWell done to Hazel for standing up to Chas when she had a go at her over it, and who herself then did a complete U-turn and had a go at Ashley for being unfair to Aaron.  Aye?  Pot, kettle?

Since the cafe's re-opened, they appear to have also refurbished Brenda, who's suddenly turned into an airhead, with lines like (about Nicola) "She's a spiky madam and she's far too up herself, but I won't have a word said against her," and "He wants to see Angelica on the QT … on a Cruise Ship?" Er, not funny.  Brenda's not a comedy character; she simply wouldn't say those lines, and it's a completely unbelievable personality transplant.

Something else which is unbelievable is this whole Declan/Ella thing.  THEY'RE DIVORCED, for God's sake.  What's she even doing there?

I like both the characters, but it's a really silly scenario – having them living together and one minute behaving like a married couple, then the next minute, not.  In theory, she's perfectly entitled to have a fling with Adam – as she's a free Agent, and how could Declan be so stupid as to arrange a surprise party (on the spur of the moment), then get annoyed with her for not turning up for it?

She's not psychic mate, so what the hell are you getting angry for?  Daft and boring.  She needs to get together with Adam (think what THAT would do to Ashley!), and for Declan to find a new woman.  Boy, I feel more and more as if I'd love to become a script-writer on a soap!

Rhona & Paddy - from Jane Reynolds' weekly Emmerdale ReviewI'm loving Rhona.  She's just SO believable in that part, and I can empathise with both her and Paddy's side of the situation.  The writers have got it just right, demonstrating how they're both feeling and showing how – by simply not talking about it, the arrival of little Leo (and Marlon's presence), has suddenly become a huge problem which threatens to jeopardise their whole relationship.

I have to praise Marlon too.  I'd got a little tired of his OTT comic persona over the last few years, but seeing him with baby Leo has really impressed me.  I've commented in the past on the way some actors treat their children as little-more than props (with no hint of supposed love or affection towards them), but you can see that even though he's an actor, Marlon clearly LOVES that baby, and can't help but gaze at him like a besotted new father.  It's very touching.

Oh, that's just reminded me.  If Nicola had dived into my bags the way she did with Ella's (pulling out her sexy lingerie for all-and-sundry to see), she'd have got a poke in the eye.  Nobody would dream of doing that in real life without asking first, would they?  No; it simply wouldn't happen.



EastEnders Review - from Jane Reynolds' 'Soap-y Corner'Someone else playing a fantastic and believable part this week has been Janine.  The scene where she was laughing with her Granny – only to go into the next room and almost break down in despair – had me in tears.  For once in her life, Janine loved (and was loved back), but poor Lydia died and now she's now being accused of killing her.  

(I had a 'maiden' Aunt Lydia apparently .  My mum told me she used to go into shops in the early 1960's and rant at women who'd got Cadbury's Smash in their trolleys because she thought it was criminal to feed your children with such rubbish.  Wow.  Wish I'd seen that!)  Sorry, I digress …

You can see how they'd assume Janine had murdered her; after all, she's not got a good track record in that department – but that's what happens when you cry wolf.  I'm wondering where this one's going to go.  I try not to read spoilers, so don't know whether she'll end up with any money from the will or not, but let's see what this week brings.  Janine hasn't quite lost her snap though, as she quips to the Policeman: "Who called you; a whale with earrings?"

Christian - Jane Reynolds' weekly EastEnders reviewDid I miss something?  What's been up with Christian this week?  Sulky or what?  Is it because he's feeling old?  He's treated Syed really badly, and why did he get so cross with him in the Club?  HE was the one who took him there, and good on Syed for making an effort to chat to Christian's friends.  If he'd just stood there looking miserable, Christian would have accused him of not making an effort.  Poor boy can't win!

Oh dear, I feel another OTT wedding coming on.  It was bad enough with the flying horses, unicorns and cast of a thousand at Syed's wedding.  What on earth are we going to get this week at Tam's?  Richard Branson parachuting-in with a rose between his teeth?

We know here'll be a dance-off for starters.  Boys v girls; yawn. Let's just hope the fighting kicks-off quickly as it's all too tedious for me because I can't actually understand how on earth they manage to afford it.  The Masoods just seem to have an endless supply of money.  Ok, I know it's a Soap, but a bit of realism, aye? 

Tanya & Max - from Jane Reynolds' weekly EastEnders reviewOoh, what about Tanya and Max then?  It was a bit wicked of her to tip red wine on V's white rug, but it did the trick, and she was up those stairs like a shot.  How daring/stupid to risk doing it in Max's bedroom though – with a house full of people downstairs – or am I just being an old fuddy-duddy?

Was Oscar there at the party?  I don't remember seeing him.  Another one of those missing Soap children … 

Please don't get rid of Rainie.  She was fantastic in her tiny little spot this week, and I loved her line as she gazed up – stoned – at Max: "Didn't you have hair once?"


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