Soap-y Corner 5th June 2011


Its been a bit of an odd week.  A new baby's always a joy (unless it's a soap baby of course – because you know it'll be only a matter of time before it gets its first life-threatening crisis and has to be rushed off to hospital), but baby Leo's brought something rather new to the mix.

It's that whole 'Elephant in the Room' thing, isn't it, and Zak was rebuked for summing-up what everyone else was thinking when he was brave enough to say, "You can tell there's summat wrong, you know, but it's not so bad."   I just thought that the baby looked rather too large for a new-born, but as the children in soaps change so often, I don't suppose it'll be long before he's replaced by another baby anyway, so I won't worry about it.

What should Paddy do though?  Stand back and let Marlon take over, or just get stuck in and put his foot down by taking charge more?  I couldn't really work out from his chat with Chas last week as to whether he meant he just wasn't coping with the baby thing, or whether he was trying to say that he didn't actually want to be with Rhona any more?

Rhona's got her work cut out. This week's Emmerdale review by Jane ReynolRhona's looking every inch the harrassed new mum, and playing a good part. Marlon's a little tooooo much for me (as usual), and Paddy's behaving true-to-form as Mr Nice Guy.  Something will have to give at some point. My money's on Paddy 'growing a pair'!

Somebody who might be in danger of losing his is the hunky Adam, who's beginning to realise that bonking the boss's wife probably wasn't the smartest of career-moves. She's got her claws in and won't want to let go in a hurry, that's for sure.  I'm more concerned about Mia.  Who would turn round (as they're literally about to walk out of the door to be treated to a – planned – slap-up lunch), and say they were going off to do something else instead?  If I'd have been Declan I'd have given her a right piece of my mind. Brat.  

In the best tradition of 'Acorn Antiques', the scene where Dermot stood with his back to them all until his cue to turn round with a shop-bought/dummy loaf of bread in his hands was one of my biggest laughs of the week. There was so much wrong with that whole scene in so many ways, but it was hilarious!  He's a character that just doesn't work for me; too much of a caricature, and just not enough personality/individuality to bring it to life.

He's definitely the exception though.  The acting's fabulous (except for the little boy Jacob, who speaks his lines as if he's in some sort of a Secret Seven mission), but Aaron and Hazel have both been particularly outstanding this week as Jackson's storyline approaches its climax.  Emmerdale's never afraid of tackling taboo subjects, and they've been the first to cover anything like this.  

A tough week ahead for some. Read this week's Emmerdale review by Jane ReynoldsI read that there's been criticism of the fact that it's not been portrayed in a 'positive' light, but it's hardly a positive thing is it, and at the end of the day, it's a storyline in a soap, and – by its very nature – is designed to start and finish.  It's what soaps do.  I applaud them for raising it atall, but things run their course, and this storyline followed the path of someone who unfortunately didn't find it an empowering experience to find themselves confined to a wheelchair for the rest of their lives.

This now raises the issue of assisted suicide, so surely that's also a good thing to be bringing to the public's attention?  Jackon's decision to end his life in this manner is something which is very real (and will become increasingly so for more and more of us), in today's society.  Not everthing has a happy ending, and soaps – by their very nature – rarely do, which is one of the reasons we're all so hooked on them!

There haven't been a bundle of laughs this week (unlike last week), and there's not likely to be too many next week I suspect, so the best I could come up with was this:

Edna: "I'm in no mood for unpleasantness."

Carl: "Must be hard work living with Eve then."

PS Where did Alicia take Sarah to get her ears pierced?  I've never known anyone come back without any swelling, blood or pain!


'Happyboy'! Read this week's EastEnders review by Jane ReynoldsDidn't Fatboy look happy when he put the ring on Mercy's finger?  Bless; he looked as if he was actually getting married for real, he looked that proud!

There weren't many other people looking too happy on the Square either this week.  I was happy to see Kim flouncing around, but that was pretty-much it.  None of the soaps have given us much to smile about over the last seven days, and EastEnders was irritating me a little until the last scene on Thursday night when the Creepy Doctor walked in with hot-dog-stand ketchup all over his face.  We certainly weren't expecting THAT, were we?

The whole kidnap thing was just all a bit silly, wasn't it?  As if Mas would be capable of anything like that?  I know he's being pushed, but to organise a kidnap?  Come on.  That empty warehouse with the chair … and the petrol can … and the car … it was just too far-fetched really.

Old Denise has got a short memory too, hasn't she?  It's not five minutes since she was locked up by a mentalist, yet she won't believe a word Zainab's trying to tell her about the Creepy Doctor.  If I were Denise, I'd be crossing over to the other side of the street every time I even saw a man in a black shirt, never mind getting into bed with one …  He's even had his hair dyed blacker than it was last week; can't be a good sign.

Another new moon on the Square. Read Jane Reynolds' review of EastEnders' weekSomeone else showed up at the end of Friday's episode dressed in quite a lot of black too.  A new 'Moon'. That'll be another round of everyone having to go round explaining his 'backstory' next week then, I suppose?  Yawn.    

Barely a laugh to be had on the Square, so the best (only) one I could think of was Ryan when he saw Billy in that tracksuit.

Ryan: "Did you win?"

Billy: "You what?"

Ryan: "The bet.  It's gotta be 'silly top' day?"    BBC

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