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I’ve loved Emmerdale this week because it’s had lots of Charity, Chas, Debbie (and current boyfriends ), + Cain of course.  Ah, Cain.  Sometimes you love him, sometimes you hate him.  He can be the cruellest of bullies one minute, then be fiercely defending his family/friends the next.Charity, Chas & Debbie in Emmerdale - from Jane Reynolds' Soap-y Corner

Anyone who reads my blogs regularly will know that one of the things I love most about Soaps is the humour.  Some of the finest comedy writing around is on show here week after week.  Charity, Chas, Cain and Debbie are all such great actors that their scenes – full of flirtatious banter, wickedly funny one-liners and loads of backbiting – flash by your eyes like grease lightening.

How people can slate Soaps as being rubbish (after watching some of the stuff between them all this week), is beyond me.  The skill it must take to play some of those fast-moving scenes and achieve that level of spot-on comedy timing is nothing less than amazing.  I’m often sat there in awe, and have to replay bits just  so I can truly appreciate it.  Those women are the sort you’d just SO love to have a night out with!

They’re not the only ones who make me laugh in Emmerdale though.  In fact, two thirds of the characters are comedy-based really, and that’s one of the things I love about the show so much.

Kelly Windsor, smiling for once - from Jane Reynolds' Soap-y CornerWhere does Jimmy get his money from?  Says he’ll help panface with the move; support Elliott, Nicola and Angel, as well as buying £30 bunches of flowers every five minutes.  It was ok when they were rich, but where does the money come from now? Not that tiny Haulage company, surely?  Poor Kelly.  The makeup department don’t exactly do her any favours, do they?  They slap it on with a trowel, so here’s a photo of her looking ‘normal’.  Nice, isn’t it?

Let’s get this Jackson storyline done and dusted.  Is he going to have an Epiphany and suddenly want to live?  Instead of watching DVDs of men’s heads exploding, perhaps he should have watched It’s a Wonderful Life.  Mind you, James Stewart wasn’t stuck in a wheelchair, so maybe it’s not quite the same!

Wasn’t Alex scary when he got a bit cross with Victoria?  Is this a side of his character which we’re going to see more of?  I go off him more and more every week I’m afraid, but – like Rhona – my jaw dropped open at my first glimpse of the new vet Nicky.  I don’t usually go for these identi-kit actor-type boys who probably spend longer looking at themselves in a mirror than I do (bad example actually – mirrors are something I try to avoid wheverer possible), but he is ‘Summink else’!  Here’s a grin to finish on:

Victoria: “I flippin’ hate that hoover.”

Amy: “Oh. It speaks so highly of you (!)”

PS Where did Nicola get those lovely unbruised bananas?  Not Tesco’s for sure.  (See ‘Foodie Corner’ in 13th March’s blog if you want to know more!)


Fatboy's got all handsome! From Jane Reynolds' EastEnders Soap-y CornerHasn’t Fatboy suddenly got all smart and handsome?  I don’t know why they even called him that (he’s hardly fat, is he?), but he’s just looking so fit and healthy all of a sudden; positively glowing.  Must be luurve!

Someone else looking fit and healthy is Rainie.  You’d have hardly recognised her in her one scene this week.  She looks great, and deserves to stay off the wagon and find herself  a ‘Nice young man’.

That creepy doctor’s been stirring it again this week.  He’s horrible, and putting Zainab on pills – well, you can see where that’s heading …  Wasn’t that a great slap she gave Mas?  They’re SO believable and such a great couple, but I do want to see them get divorced and for Mas to end up with Jane and Zee with the creepy doctor!

What’s Dot done to her hair?  Those two weird, scary devil curls curled completely round her eyebrows this week and ended up looking like a pair of glasses!  I’ve never seen anything like it on a human before.  (I couldn’t find a photo that Dot's hair. Like little horns - from Jane Reynolds' Soap-y Cornerquite showed it in its full glory unfortunately.)

I’ve never really liked Dot’s character that much (it’s the smoking I think), but she’s been very moving this week.  Dot clearly has feelings for Edward, but is scared to act on them (if you enjoy a story like that, there’s a great one in my novel!), and it was heartbreaking to see her send him away and then have to also tell him to leave her alone when he phoned her too.  Will he be back, I wonder?

It was also very upsetting to see Jim get carted off in an Ambulance.  It’s a dilemma being faced by more and more families, and doesn’t make comfortable viewing.  Aren’t they wicked though – playing that piano music at the end, because they knew we’d all burst into tears, didn’t they?!

Ooh, let’s cheer ourselves up:

Jodie “I’ve taken it upon myself to organise a Sten.  Stag and Hen combined.  See what I did?”

Lauren: “No.  Can you explain it for me?”

Jodie:  “St – ag and H – en … You’re joking, aren’t you?

That Kim, she's got some front! From Jane Reynolds' EastEnders Soap-y CornerKim’s been on great form this week.  Her facial expressions and mannerisms are wonderful.  Zainab: “We’ve been robbed.”  Kim: (shock, horror!) “You lie!?” and “I’m not looking at you Zainab – even if I am,” she points out – in her own ‘special’ way, oh, and (to Fats) “You were gone quicker than Insane Bolt.”

She’s such a funny actress, who clearly revels in her role (I bet she was a right little entertainer when she was a child!) and reminds me of a character called Jude from the 1980’s sitcom Dream Stuffing. Anyone remember that?  (I’ve still got some of them on VHS & watched them recently.  Still as funny today!)

We didn’t get to hear her call Janine ‘Janice’ this week, but Janice and her Granny are a great double-act.  “Oh, Granny.  What a lot of credit cards you’ve got!” Janice gasped this week, and:

Janine: (To Granny) “You can barely move in there.”

Lydia: “You barely move anyway.  You’re either lying on the bed or on the sofa.”  Love it!



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  1. Jenny Longworth May 29, 2011 at 5:03 pm #

    Such a great read as usual, Jane! It’s amazing how we all think alike when watching the Soaps – in this case, Emmerdale and Eastenders! I think Fat boy has beautiful, engaging eyes! I agree with you about the ‘Jackson/Aaron storyline too! It’s a very sensitive subject but it needs to end quickly and not become a complete bore! As for Jimmy… yes, where does he get his money from? That is a very good question?.. Ha ha! Xxx

    Thank you Jane xxx

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