Soap-y Corner 8th May 2011

My heart leapt when Jackson went to Whitby and started going on about flying. Right up to the top of the cliff, that’ll do it love.  Just leave his brakes off and give him a little push. That’s it; there you go.  It’s what he would have wanted.  Ey? Parachuting?  Oh … We never even got to see their visit to the Magpie Cafe either.

Back in the village: er Hairy David?  Giving Amy a necklace and putting it on for her? Hello?  You do realise what she’s like under all that make up, don’t you?  … Well, you certainly do now.  How naive?  Amy was right though; it certainly looked like flirting. Mind you, if Marlon’s dog came along and licked her hand, she’d take it as a ‘come on’.

Poor old Gennie.  There she is – besotted with Emmerdale’s latest bed-hopper Nikhil, but he’s cavorting about with none other than Chas Dingle, that shy, demure spinster (!)  My advice? You hang in there girl.  Laurel got Ashley in the end, and we all know Nik’s really looking for luurve, so my money’s on you Gennie.  Aah, you’ll make a lovely couple.

On a serious note though: I found it stomach-churning to watch Lisa in Court. Emmerdale is acting, but I (like some of you reading this probably), have had people literally stand up and tell bare-faced lies about me – and be believed.  It’s not a bundle of laughs.

For Lisa to have her own husband not really believe that she was raped must be almost unimaginable, and you can see the pain of that in her brilliant performance.  Isn’t Belle playing a good part (and doesn’t she look like her mum and dad!)?

More comedy gold in EastEnders this week … not.  Dot’s broken arm’s a real pain – to me.  Yawn. ‘Bring back Kim,’ that’s what I say.  I love it when she calls Janine Janice!

Soap actors are – mostly – fantastic, but the one thing they never manage to do properly is drink from a mug.  Firstly; the mugs are always empty (which is obvious from the way they wave them around, as if you did that with a real mug of coffee, you’d be clearing up for a week!), and secondly; they take a big gulp … but don’t swallow!

It’s different with alchohol as it’s in a glass – so they have to put something in it, and the character usually takes a swig, but it’s SO apparent when they’re drinking from an empty mug, and it just looks daft.  There was a lot of that this week, as everyone spent most of their time going round trying to sober Jack up.  Thank goodness baby Tommy was there for us to coo over.  Cuter than ever!

The other thing with mugs – while I’m on the subject – is the way a character hands a mug of ‘hot’ coffee/tea to someone, who always grabs hold of it and takes a gulp straight away.  Er, in real life, if you grabbed hold of a hot mug you’d burn your hand, and if you took a big gulp you’d burn your gizzard.  Just saying …

The best bit of EastEnders for me this week (apart from seeing Tanya getting out of the taxi), was this:

Julie: ‘Heather’s meeting Kev.  It’s like a film.”

Shirley: “What.  An ‘orror film?” BBC

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