Sunday 14th November 2010

Sunday.  Blog day.  Okay …

I’ve received some useful feedback stating that I appear to lack confidence and seem to almost ‘apologise’ for my existence sometimes.  Yes.  It’s true.  A lot of the time I DO feel like that, so instead of starting my blog with something like “I don’t suppose anyone’s reading this but …”, I’m adopting a new ‘SuperJane’ persona.  What do you think?  Like it?  Does it suit me?

Huh.  Who am I kidding?  The only person reading this will be me.  Doh!!  Ruined it already.  No: let’s do it.

“Did you get your hair cut?” you’re wondering, aren’t you?  You’ve waited all week to find out.  Amazingly, I DID, but only because I had to.  Something’s come up and I can’t go to it looking like something a cat wouldn’t even bother to drag in, so had to bite the bullet.

I’d been with a friend on Friday morning who’d been helping me figure out some stuff on Facebook and Twitter.  I was starving by the time I left, so went to Town and headed to a little cafe to get a sandwich and a coffee to fortify myself before the dreaded task.

As I walked the hundred yards to the cafe, I passed a hairdressers and spotted a young lad cutting a woman’s hair.  I knew in an instant that he was ‘The One’ and went straight in. Turned out it was a ‘walk-in’ place where they don’t have appointments, and a girl came out and said she’d ‘do’ me.

Call me sexist, but I like a man – preferably a gay man – to cut my hair, so (after taking a deep breath and thinking about how I was now SuperJane), instead of meekly going with her and ending up sitting there feeling cross for not having had the nerve, I heard myself saying “Do you mind if I wait for him?”  She looked me up and down and shrugged, but I held my nerve, and when he then looked up and smiled at me I knew I’d made the right decision!

I nipped to the cafe; got a roll and coffee and had them back in the salon while I waited. Then he cut my hair, and it’s great!  I hate hairdressers, and the only good one I’d ever been to I’d found at the beginning of this year.  I’d only been to him 3 times.  He was the best I’d ever had, and I was ecstatic to know I’d finally found someone who could make my rubbishy fine, limp hair look ‘aliiivee’.

He committed suicide the week after my last appointment.  He was 21.  It shocked the whole Town as he was a larger than life character.  He was gay, and was the sort of person everybody would have wanted as a friend.  So very sad.

Rob – who did my hair on Friday – was a friend of his.  He’s only about the same age.  I think I’ve found a replacement for Aaron.  If I’d managed to work out how to upload a photo (I know … I promised I’d have done it by this week – as well as be able to link to other peoples’ blogs), I would have taken one and put it on to show you.

I didn’t do the blog/photo stuff.  I tried, but I just can’t work out how to do it.  The words and the symbols all just confuse me.  Why can’t it just say ‘Key in xxx here and press Enter’ etc?  If someone were to launch a real ‘Idiot’s step-by-step’ site for people to set up sites/blogs/self-publishing your book etc, they would clean up.

If I had the time, money and a tame computer expert to help me, I would do it myself.  I could weep when I think of how badly-worded and badly thought-out systems have driven me almost to distraction over these last 3 months.  They’re all put together by pc experts who forget that the end user is coming to it with no knowledge, and doesn’t know that if it says one thing, it often MEANS something else – or that you have to do something else first … which they forgot to actually tell you, or include on the page etc.  And then a message comes up telling you you’re doing something wrong … but doesn’t tell you what, or what to do to fix it!

I’m ranting, aren’t I?  It’s rubbish websites.  They set me off.  Even this site – WordPress. Why can’t it just have a ‘Click here to upload photo’ button?  There must be one here somewhere, but it’s all written in technical jargon and I don’t understand it.  Ok.  I’ve stopped.  No more ranting!

Deep breath.  Right: once I’ve finished this I’m going to have another go, and am determined to work it out.  I’ve had a difficult week though.  Lots of ‘stuff’ happened and it hasn’t been much fun, but I’ve pulled through.  It meant I wasn’t able to get everything done that I’d wanted.  I have actually been productive in other ways though.

I’m now on Twitter, and have set up a link to Facebook – or is it the other way round? All under the name Jane Reynolds (I thought of that.  Original, aye?)

I’m also going to Glasgow on Tuesday to the BBC Lip Service aftershow party.  Yeah: me. Really.  Very spooky and strange how it all came about.  The last party I went to was for a Two-year-old though, and I’m SO far out of my comfort zone at the thought of it, but it’s all booked, so I guess I’m off.

Doesn’t time fly?   Two hours this has taken.  It’s like cooking a big meal: takes hours and then it’s over in no time.  All that typing and it takes a minute to read.  The radiator in my office has suddenly decided to start clicking like a ticking clock for some reason too. It’s been doing it all morning.  Never done it before.  Something else to have to deal with!

Have a good week.

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