Sunday 21st November 2010

A Glasgow Flat WhiteOk.  Are you impressed?  Here is a photo.  Ok; it’s not what you might have expected (especially as I’ve been in Glasgow for the BBC ‘Lip Service’ party and you might have expected to see photos of the actors who were there), but I think it’s time we started getting into the Christmas spirit, so this is a photo of a ‘Flat White’ (with a Christmas Tree on top) that I had in Brewhaha – a tea/coffee house in Glasgow this week.

‘So what?’ you mutter.  I’ll tell you what.  It was the best coffee I’ve had for as long as I can remember.  Red hot; just the right strength, and served by a cheerful young lad who was as enthusiastic as I was when I saw the words ‘Flat White’ on the menu board.

This is what coffee used to be like before a “Single, double-shot skinny, grande, short, tall, crappuccino, lattehotteemilkeeripoff chai infusion with extra foam and a cherry on the top” became the norm.

“And do you want a muffin with that?”

“Durr, NO.”  Don’t get me started …  And how many Starbucks are there in Glasgow?  I’ve literally never seen so many – and so close together.

Anyway.  I’ve managed to upload a photo, so the sky’s the limit from here!  For any of you who might be more interested in the Lip Service party though; let me tell you about it.  I drove up with my friend, the comedienne Sarah Archer (still haven’t worked out how to link things to my blog yet so that I could put a link to her site, but I’ve been out of my office all week and will have to be again for most of next week too unfortunately, so don’t hold your breath on that one!), and it was all very good fun.

The ‘do’ itself was the first time I’d been in a bar like that for longer than I care to remember, and I was very aware that I was at least 10 years older than everyone else, but I chatted to some really friendly Scottish gals and shared in the great experience of watching the last show on big TVs around the bar as it was broadcast live on the BBC.   The “Don’t do it!”, the “No!” and the sighs and cries as the episode unfolded were really memorable, and a special mention goes to the “Cass-Ettes” (three smiley, young girl students) who put on some toones for everyone to dance to once it had finished.  Thanks again for everyone’s hospitality.

It was a busy week all round, but Sarah’s excellent endeavours on my behalf have certainly helped me regain a bit of the lost perspective I’d fallen victim to over the last couple of weeks, so thanks again to her too.

I’ve had a good first week on Twitter.  It’s fun, and I’ve even got 5 followers.  Thanks guys! Stephen Fry’d better watch out.  I’m on his tail.  (Just realised that sounds a bit rude so I’d better not put it … ah, why not.  He’d know I was only speaking metaphorically!)

There is an Outlet Village near to my office, and if I look out of my window I can see the huge Christmas Tree they’ve put up.  It’s got a million lights on  (I counted them; took ages) and looks so lovely at night.  Ooh, I know.  I’ll take a photo of it and put it on next week’s blog.  That’ll give you something to look forward to all week, won’t it?  What?  No: I can’t do it now.  It’s 11.00 am and it’s too bright, so you’ll just have to wait!

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