Sunday 31st October 2010

This is the first ‘real time’ blog I’ve written.  The first one was one I’d ‘prepared earlier’ and saved weeks ago in readiness for the ‘Big Day’.  It only needed a tweak.  I’m doing this one from scratch.  Let’s hope it finds its way onto the screen when I press the button in a minute!

The ‘Big Day’ of my site going live ended up as being the most utterly miserable of days. No fanfares, trumpets or even champagne.  I slunk out of my office at 8 pm after a 14 hour day, and more-or-less went straight to bed.  Oh, the heady life of a writer.

There has been one moment of excitement in the last few days though, and that was having my ‘Sentence of news’ read out on Radio 4’s iPM programme yesterday.  (If you’re the sort of person who’s now likely to go and listen to it on iPlayer, it’s 11 minutes, 55 seconds in to save you time!)

Quite by chance, I finally got this all up and running the day before the launch in the UK of the lesbian movie ‘The Kids Are Alright’.  I now just want to stand outside cinemas with a pile of my books in the hope that I might sell a few.

Maybe I will … so if you see some desperate-looking woman with a bad haircut and a pile of books lurking around the front of your local Odeon in the next couple of weeks; that’ll be me.

This is such a rushed effort (as I’ve got a thousand other things to do and haven’t got time to sit and properly think about what I want to say), but I’ve told my hundreds of fans (yeah, as if!) that I’d do one every Sunday, so here it is.  Next week’s one will be better. Promise!

If you’ve been on my site already this week and have come back again to read my latest blog, then thank you.  You get a gold star!  It is very weird just sitting alone here writing stuff; wondering if anyone’s actually going bother to read it.

I read a few blogs.  When I work out how to do it, I’ll put a link to them so that you can read them too if you like.  I’m good like that.  Better go now.  Tune in next week for another gripping read.  I might have got something to say by then, and have had a haircut!

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