Sunday 7th November 2010

Gosh, it’s come round quickly.  Sunday already.  Are you meant to have writers’ block on a blog?  It was easier writing the book than doing this!  Probably because I haven’t done anything except sit in my office tapping away all week, so don’t have any news.  Wow.  I need to get out more!

I didn’t get a haircut either, because – unlike most women – going to the hairdresser isn’t something I look forward to, but actually loathe.  I’d had a couple of bad experiences as a teenager which have obviously scarred me (mentally) for life.  I’d rather go to the dentist: really.  To me, going to the hairdresser is the equivalent of (insert thought of task you least like to do but know it has to be done), and is made worse by knowing that whatever they do, within 10 minutes it will look no different to how it did when I went in, but that I’ve also been robbed blind for the priviledge!  Grrr.

Ok; enough of that.  I haven’t worked out how to link other peoples’ blogs to mine yet either, or add a photo.  Is it me?  Everyone else seems to be able to do things effortlessly, but I sit here looking at a series of little boxes, icons and words that might as well be written in Mandarin; not daring to do anything in case I wipe my whole site by mistake! By next week it will be done.  That’s my goal for this week.

Most of the blogs I read seem to revolve around the endearing and amusing exploits of the writer’s offspring.  I don’t have any children, but do I clean two days a week in houses which do. Three-year-old Bella is never short of things to say.  While having her breakfast this week she reminded me (in case I’d forgotten), that her brother Ollie doesn’t like peanut butter but she does … except the sort with pips in.  (Crunchy!)

They’ve got a white duck and a white chicken, who trot busily around the garden together all day and are the cutest thing to watch.

Did you switch the ‘Today’ programme on around 6.00 on Friday morning to hear something about birds?  I listened for about 5 minutes before finally realising that it was going on far too long to be just a report.  I then figured that it must be Saturday and that I’d just got my days muddled up!  But it wasn’t.  They were on a 48-hour strike and I didn’t know.  It was all very weird and unsettling.  You just get used to things, don’t you?

I nearly missed Saturday’s programme too (as I didn’t expect it to be on), but switched the radio on to hear Sarah Montague and Evan Davies – who had defied the strikers to present the show.  Good for them.  Life had returned to normal!

My favourite line of the week was a comment left by someone on the Daily Mail online, in response to the news that Adele Silva was returning as Kelly Windsor on the ITV soap; Emmerdale.  “She may have a face that a dog wouldn’t lick, but she plays a good baddie.”

Back next week.  Thanks for reading.

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