The truth always comes out in the end – sooner please!

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Carla’s planning; Peter’s plotting; Gail’s petting and Simon was petrified. It’s another eventful week in Coronation Street.

Tina & Peter Coronation Street

Peter said that Simon had always ‘thought such a lot’ of Tina.

Er, since when? I barely remember even one scene between them before this storyline, and we even saw Tina clearing litter from outside the front of the Rovers (in the middle of a busy Friday evening?) so that she could just happen to be there when Peter appeared.

Talk about shoe-horning them together. They’ll be meeting over the fake tan section in Freshco’s next, or if Corrie had a launderette we’d find that they both suddenly had an urgent need to do their weekly (half load of) washing!

Carla Coronation StreetIt’s such a stretch to imagine anyone getting cold feet about marrying Carla, although having cold feet (from ending up on a slab) tends to be an occuptational hazard for Carla’s fellers! Doesn’t Peter realise that half the UK wishes they could be in his shoes – and even a few men too! #Carchelle

I hesitate to criticise our heroine – Saint Carla of Underworld – but she was actually rather unprofessional – twice – this week. Firstly, by handing out wedding invites out to Sally and Fiz in front of the other staff, and then by chewing gum with her mouth open the whole time she was uncovering the Beth knicker scandal.

Beth’s lies nearly cost her her job and might have cost her Kirk’s love too. Lies are bad, and as Anna warned Faye on Monday: “The truth always comes out in the end.”

Leanne Coronation StreetGiving children the keys to an empty house was asking for trouble. Typical Tracy! Seeing little Simon breaking his heart like that broke my heart too, but it did give us some very touching scenes between both him and Leanne and with his dad.

Let’s hope this whole DisGrace thing finally comes to a head next week though, as it’s very upsetting to watch and is starting to ‘do my head in’.

Talking of heads: anyone else starting to get a bit bored with Nick’s head injury? He’s either flying off the handle or saying sorry for flying off the handle, and I – for one – wish that he’d just hurry up and make a sudden and miraculous recovery as this storyline’s starting to feel more terminal than Hayley’s (which is – by contrast – completely riveting to watch).

Gail & Nick Coronation StreetSeeing Gail with her hands all over Nick in the Bistro – stroking him like he’s some sort of pet (or worse) doesn’t look quite right, and it’s only Leanne’s sterling performance which is keeping this whole storyline bearable for me, but she’ll be heading for a breakdown herself if she’s not careful, and Gail hasn’t got enough hands for petting the both of them.

Still; they’ve got a new waitress now.

“I’ve come about the job,” Steph said to Gail.

“Oh, right. I’ll have a word with my son. He’s the Nick – in Nick’s Bistro,” she puffed.

Steph & Gloria Coronation StreetGloria was right though: after five minutes she was already acting as if she was running the place!

Some lovely comedy scenes revolving around Steve and his History course, and here’s the rest of our Grins of the Week:

Sally: “I’ve got a lot of experience.”

Anna: “So I’ve heard.”

Marcus: “Do you want another drink?”

Eileen: “Er, let me think.” (A millisecond passes.) “Yeah.”

Mary: “Emily doesn’t need that kind of pressure Norris. She’s nearly ninety, for God’s sake.”

Emily Coronation StreetEmily: “I’m nowhere NEAR ninety!”

Kirk: “Beth reckons I’m a good listener.”

Carla: “Well, with her gob, I’d have thought it was a prerequisite.”

Beth: “Slow and steady wins the race.”

Sally: “It’s funny how it’s only ever the bone idle who say that.”

Beth (second place in the knicker-stitcher race): “Yeah, me. Get over it.”

Fiz: “We can’t get over it. You hardly do a stroke.”

Kirk: “Counting was my favourite subject at school.”

Sally: “After what – colouring?”

Kirk & Sally Coronation StreetBeth: “Are you saying my fella can’t count?”

Sally: “I’m not going to answer that.”

Julie: “Sally. You’re not being very dignified.”

Beth: “She’ll be ‘punchified’ in a second.”

Beth: “I am SOO the winner. ‘Employee of the Month’. Do I get to wear a sash and tiara?”

Sean: “It’s not a beauty contest – luckily for you.”

Sinead: “I don’t drink.”

Eva (gasps): “Well, what do you do for fun?”

Sinead: “Same as you, but I remember it the next day.”


Unknown* Norris said he didn’t want to eat something of Mary’s from the days when Fanny Craddock was a girl. ‘Who?’ some of you youngsters might ask. Well, heeere’s Fanny. She’d have made a great Corrie character. In fact, I reckon she’s got a bit of a look of Liz – or Rita!

* Carl got 25 years. He’ll probably appeal or be let out ‘for good behaviour’ or something and be back within six months!

* Is Dev’s antenna starting to focus on Stella?

* Sorry, but I truly cannot imagine Roy and Hayley eating fennel!

* Wasn’t Tina meant to be picking Simon up from school that day Nick went? Why wasn’t she there in time? (Probably too busy chatting to Peter!)

* Steve went to College on Friday night. In my day they never held lessons on a Friday night!

Michelle & Liz Coronation Street* Liz and Michelle looked as if they’d dressed for a lovely summer’s afternoon at Ascot – not a dark autumn Friday night in Weatherfield.

* I loved how when they were announcing the Employee of the Month, Peter was about to do a drumroll and Carla warned, “Please don’t”.

* And I haven’t forgotten about Beastly Brian (how COULD he do that to our lovely Julie?). I’ll be covering that next week!


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