TV Times – 2nd October 2011

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The X Factor

Saturday: Another cracking show, as the acts get to travel to sunny shores and sing for their mentors. It’s a very emotional time, as they’re just one step away from the live shows. Charlie from The Keys had me filling-up. “There’s nothing else but singing. To keep getting rejected … feeling that you’re not good enough at doing something that you love so much.” Yep. Know how that feels!

2 Shoes - X Factor - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewShould you take looks into consideration? That pair 2 Shoes looked like a French & Saunders sketch, and there’s others who – on looks alone – simply don’t cut it.

There were some pretty-dodgy performances too. Oh God. I’m so old. I hate all that rapping in the middle of songs, but there were a few stand-out moments from Saturday night, and they were all women. The boys are by far the weakest group this year. Craig’s was the best ‘boy’ audition, but – again – he doesn’t look the part. John Adams, on the other hand …

I’m loving Tulisa and Kelly. This set of judges are a perfect team (except for Louis, but I’ve spoken about that already). I keep hearing rumours about Cheryl Cole coming back for the live shows. Er, why? They’d be crazy to do that. It would turn the focus onto the judges’ fights (which was one of the things that ruined it in the first place), instead of the Acts. People will switch off if Cheryl comes back, I guarantee it. I certainly will.

Loved Sunita’s line (about Goldie): “Louis. What was that?” What indeed!

Charlie - X Factor - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewSunday: Tulisa was SO right about The Keys. Charlie was the star, and nobody looked at the rest of them. She shrewdly picked the best of the boys and made a new set of Keys, which we’ll look forward to seeing next week. I was filling-up at Kelly’s obvious emotion, and it was all jolly exciting stuff.

It was obvious that Frankie would go through – even though he’s not a good singer, but there’s a been lot of people who’ve made a very good living from the music industry despite having very little singing talent, so I don’t think anyone will worry about that. It’s the tattoos, the ‘thatch’, and the fact that he looks like Robbie Williams’ little brother that puts me off him, sorry.

As for Luke: he would have cried, whatever stage he went out – just like all of them will. It’s part of life. If he wasn’t prepared for the fact that he probably wasn’t going to win, he shouldn’t have entered.

There’s one BIG topic from last night though: Louis. Anyone who could choose Kitty and Goldie over Sami doesn’t deserve to be judging a SINGING contest. This isn’t BGT. If it was, you could argue that Goldie’s ‘unusual’ act was entertaining, but not for X Factor, surely?

Twitter was in meltdown. Kitty is this year’s Jedward. They’ve gone on to achieve great success, BUT they’ve got something that clearly appeals to a lot of people. Kitty hasn’t. She’s already universally disliked and will undoubtedly be voted-out this week, but what was he thinking?

Louis Walsh - X Factor - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewSami’s got a great voice. She’s popular, friendly, and I see her having a career very-much along the same lines as Jane McDonald. As it’s turned out, Goldie’s withdrawn so Sami’s back, but that’s not the point. Louis needs to be replaced at the end of this Series and another musician brought onto the panel. Gary, Kelly and Tulisa are a perfect team. Louis was a good foil for Simon Cowell, but he’s wrong for this show now – which last night conclusively proved.

Move him to BGT. Seriously; he’d fit in really well there.

(The X Factor ITV1 Saturday/Sunday around 8.00 pm)


Dragons’ Den

Hey, it was better this week.  I loved the Savvylash eyelash un-clumper. You constantly see ads for ‘Amazing’ new mascaras, but I’ve never found one that doesn’t cling to my eyelashes like clumps of snow on a spindly branch, so have bought one! CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SAVVYLASH WEBSITE

Hilary Devey - Dragons' Den - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewHilary liked it too, but didn’t invest, although she snapped up the Wedding Video Women! As usual this week, Hilary gave both positive and friendly comments/feedback – unlike Deborah Meaden, who was SO patronising this week that it became quite distasteful.  It’s really not necessary to be quite so rude.  It just makes you look bad …

Hilary’s actually turning into a right comedian (unlike some of the others who just think they’re funny), and her comment about her mother on a motorised scooter “Once you let her loose on one that was it; she didn’t come back till 5.00,” was hilarious. You can just feel what a warm, kind woman she is in real life from the way she comes across on the show.


How to Win in the Den

Kate Castle - Dragons' Den - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewWeek two was just as good as the first one, with some of the best – and worst – of the negotiations from The Den. My favourite was Kate Castle with her Bog in a Bag. She couldn’t help but admit that she did have a preferred Dragon in mind, and it was gripping to see Deborah Meaden’s eyes narrow and coldly declare herself out – leaving the negotiations hanging by a thread.

Duncan Bannatyne - Dragons' Den - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewLuckily, her hero, Theo, offered her the money, and it was all very lovely! For anyone wanting business advice, there’s a few very useful tips tucked-away in this entertainment show, and there was a great moment where Mr Happy (Duncan Bannatyne), got upset with a guy for saying that Clydebank was in Glasgow. When Peter Jones asked him why, he snapped “Cos I’m from Clydebank, not Glasgow, ok?  What’s it got to do with you?” He smiled afterwards, but was a bit riled! CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE HTWITD WEBSITE

(How to Win in the Den Ep 3 BBC2 Wednesday 9.00 pm)

Come Dine With Me

Come Dine With Me - TV Times on Jane Reynolds' Weekly blogStill haven’t got round to Friday night’s 1 hour Episode, but the daily shows were – surprisingly – not up to much again this week. Dave Lamb’s relying on the word “Taxi” a bit too much for me at the moment. There was one funny comment in the taxi afterwards, in response to one of them’s Victorian Evening: “I’m not interested in what the Victorians did; why haven’t you got jelly in your trifle? It’s 2011.”

(Come Dine With Me Channel 4 Mon-Fri 5.30-6.00 & an hour’s Episode Fridays 8.00-9.00 pm)


Celebrity MasterChef

Those bread rolls they used for Monday’s burgers didn’t really look the part to me. They looked like those chewy ones that stick to the roof of your mouth (because they’ve got that horrible ‘glaze’ on top). It’s not easy to get a really good burger roll you know. I could rattle on about this for ages, but I won’t!

Greg Wallace - MasterChef - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewInstead, I’ll moan about India Fisher.  No, I won’t do that either. I promised myself I wouldn’t let her upset me this week, so sat with my fingers in my ears singing ‘La la la’ during all her bits!

It was the usual thing of four people we’d barely heard of, butchering stuff (and not in a good way), then getting better at it by the end of the week. There’s too much focus on their time in the Restaurant placements. They all start off badly, then by the end are amazingly “Turning out plate after plate of perfect food.”

Never, does one of them actually fail at it. I really don’t believe that they all manage to do it single-handedly under all that pressure. Same with the Hospital/University kitchens etc, they always manage to somehow get it onto the pass in time …Greg Wallace - MasterChef - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' review

Another challenge for the viewer is watching John and Greg eat. Can someone show Greg how to hold a piece of cutlery please? Talk about shovelling it in! I’ve got a good game for you too: record it, then wind it back slowly on the bits where they’re putting the food into their mouths. It’s not pleasant to see, but is equally quite funny. Kids’ll love it!

(Celebrity MasterChef BBC 1 Mon-Fri 2.15-3.00, Friday 8.30-9.00)



Ben - Outnumbered - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewOk, I’d had a glass of wine when I watched it (only one), but I laughed out loud several times during this Episode, especially at this line:

Mistie: “I find him disturbing.”

Auntie Angela: “It’s alright sweetie, he’s only a dummy made of wood.”

Mistie: “No. The boy.”

It was a bit hard watching Karen. There was too much, and she’s increasingly saying things that – no matter how bright a child is – are way beyond her years and reasoning. Ben too, but he played his part very well this week. It’s great when Auntie Angela’s in it, because the tension it creates is something that all adults can SO relate to, and we get to see that other – less mumsy – side of Sue!

Outnumbered Episode 7 BBC1 9.00 pm Friday)


What else?

This week sees the start of yet-more TV for me to watch, with two new Series: Alex Polizzi’s The Hotel Inspector (C5 9.00 Monday), and Mary, Queen of Frocks (C4 (9.00 Tuesday). There’ll be a review of both shows here next week.

 Larry David - Curb Your Enthusiasm - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' review

If you haven’t watched it yet, Curb Your Enthusiam is more black than the Creepy Doctor’s suits in EastEnders. This Series is absolutely wicked, and that’s when it’s at its best.

This week’s Episode didn’t disappoint. In fact, it was great, as Susie was on form and Larry was at his obnoxious best. Wish you could tell people what you thought of them? Try following Larry’s example … or maybe not!


(Curb Your Enthusiasm Series 8, Ep 3 More4 11.30 pm Sunday)

Radio Times

Don’t forget Jeremy Vine’s current Radio 2 Series Sounds of the 20th Century, which is a glorious hour of nothing but soundbites and music clips, charting the events of every year from 1951 to 2000.  This week it’s 1978. (Sounds of the 20th Century Radio 2 10.00 pm every Thursday)


Clare in the Community - Jane Reynolds' weekly TV Times reviewIf you like Jimmy and Nicola in Emmerdale, then Radio 4’s comedy Clare in the Community is a show for you. She’s just like Nico and Brian’s just like Jimmy. It’s very funny stuff!

(Clare in the Community Series 7 Ep 3 Radio 4 11.30 am Friday)


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