TV Times – 21st August 2011

Celebrity Apprentice USA

Donald, Don Jnr & Ivanka Trump - Apprentice USA - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' review

Because I went away for four days I ended up with a huge backlog of TV to watch and very little time to watch it (that’ll teach me not go away!), so didn’t make a great deal of notes for this week’s post, but – suffice to say – the highlight of my week (apart from watching Hilary Devey), was Celebrity Apprentice USA.

If you’re not watching it you are missing out on the most amazing show. Anyone who watches MasterChef or The Apprentice etc really should be watching this. It’s produced so well that you’re swept along at a cracking pace, then once you get into the Boardroom you find yourself hanging on Donald Trump’s every word.

He picks up on everything, but talks to the candidates with respect and gives genuinely helpful comment on all aspects of the task, before (often reluctantly), firing someone.  Piers Morgan’s still in. He’s been so rude, but also comes up with valid reasons/arguments for his point of view, so I lurch from totally agreeing with him to wanting to cover my eyes with shame!

Trace Adkins - Celebrity Apprentice USA - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewIt all makes for sizzling TV though, and after this week’s Episodes, I now have a little crush on Trace Adkins – a man with a pony tail (which if you knew what I thought about men with long hair you’d realise is a BIG, big thing), but with the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard!

This week they’re choosing an Artist and creating a sandwich. (Episodes 8 & 9 BBC1 Monday 11.05 pm).


Show Me the Funny

ITV1 Show Me The Funny - TV Times - Jane Reynolds' Weekly Blog

Show Me The Funny. Hmm.

I laughed more when my hamster died (I was 12 and it broke my young heart).  Get my drift?

I’ve got to keep watching though – if only to make sure that the one I now actively dislike doesn’t win it!  Pass the laughing gas someone.

(ITV1 Monday 9.00 pm & then it’s the final on Thursday 9.00).


The Hour

I might as well be watching this in French, as it’s all Double-Dutch to me.  Like with SMTF, I’ve kept watching in the hope that it might start to either make sense or get more entertaining, but it’s just got more and more rambling by the week.

It should have either been about the TV Show/affairs or the Murder/affairs.  The two mix like oil and water, and Hector’s acting (when he’s been doing the TV show part of it), has been really poor.Angus - BBC TV's The Hour - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' review

The guy cast as Angus McCain (Julian Rhind-Tutt), is too young.  His hair and glasses are spot-on for the period, but he’s clearly 10 years too young for the character he’s playing.  It’s grating on me now, and don’t even get me started on Freddie …

I had such high hopes for this show.  It was ‘sold’ to us as the UK’s answer to Mad Men, but it’s SO not.  Shame.  If it had been one thing or the other I reckon it would have been great, but hopefully this week’s final Episode will at least explain what’s going on! (Episode 4 BBC2 Tuesday 9.00 pm.)


The X Factor

I gave up watching the X Factor years ago.  It had turned into a ritual humiliation of (mostly) talentless ‘wannabes’ by a panel who seemed to have forgotten that the show was supposed to be about the contestants – not them and their egos.  It’s also so clearly fixed (as all the judges manage to end up with one act in the final; funny that …), that there’s no way I’d have watched it last night if it hadn’t been for the new judging panel.

X Factor's new Judges - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewI watch most shows by recording them and Fast-forwarding through the adverts/padding.  I got through this one in about 15 minutes!  Although I hadn’t heard of either of the women, I found them both to be completely engaging.

I’d only ever normally have listened to Simon Cowell (and only because he was the only one who ever really said anything truthful), but I found myself listening to all four and thinking how much more professional they were and that how their comments were about the acts and not themselves (or just hurling insults at each other).

I especially liked Tulisa (had to look her name up).  She reminds me of Gloria Estefan, and she gave serious, sensible advice.  From what I read on Twitter, the new judging panel is a big hit, and once we get through the pain of some of the idiotic ‘acts’ and onto Bootcamp, I reckon this’ll be great TV.  Hope I’m not wrong.  Let’s see! (Week 2 ITV1 Saturday 8.00 pm.)


Dragon’s Den

Hilary Devey - Dragon's Den - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewI had to zip through this week’s Episode, but watched all of Hilary’s bits. Just as I’ve got a crush on the voice of a man with a pony-tail, I’ve also got a schoolgirl crush on Hilary.  She’s got the best smile I’ve ever seen.  You can see she’s constantly on the verge of a grin, and when she does smile, it’s a smile that just lights up the room.  I could never tire of it, and can’t wait for tonight’s Episode to see it again! (Episode 4 BBC2 Sunday 8.00 pm).


What else?

I’m ever further behind that normal on my radio listening, but am loving Meet David Sedaris (Radio 4 11.30 am Mondays).  Such entertaining monologues.  Gentle and funny; half an hour’s passed in a flash.  Hoping to have a big catch-up this week.

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