TV Times – 8th January 2012

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Morecambe & Wise - Jane Reynolds' weekly TV Times reviewRemember my last blog before Christmas? No, of course you don’t, and neither do I, except for this bit:

I won’t be watching much TV over Christmas – apart from Soaps and the Morecambe and Wise Christmas shows – but there’s one thing I’ll be glued to, and that’s Absolutely Fabulous on Christmas Night.┬áIt’s one of my all-time favourite shows. Let’s hope it hasn’t lost its edge …

Alas, it had.

From the first burst of canned hysterical laughter after about 30 seconds, I knew what was coming, and I’m sorry to admit that I turned it off after ten minutes as I found it quite sad and depressing. Fawlty Towers and The Office had the right idea: quit while you’re ahead.

The Royle Family was TV gold when it started, but each ‘Special’ made it less so. Ab Fab’s the same. They say you should never go back. This proves it.

I’ve got them both recorded, and will give them another go, but I’m scared …

The Office. An American Workplace - Jane Reynolds' weekly TV Times reviewApart from the Soaps, I barely watched any TV over Christmas (apart from Morecambe and Wise), as I was stuck in the kitchen for the best part of ten days, during which time I (re) watched the whole of Seasons 1-3 of The Office, an American Workplace, then followed that with Seasons 4 and 5 which I got for Christmas. Love it.

I watched Big Fat Gypsy Christmas (what a show THAT was. The outfits the girls wear are jaw-dropping!), and – amazingly – I also watched the first 20 minutes of the BBC’s Winter Wipeout shows, but ONLY because my friend’s going to be on it and I don’t know which Episode she’s in so I’ve been watching them all so that I don’t miss her!

Don’t you dare tell anyone I said this, but I actually found myself chuckling at some of the one-liners (you know how I love my one-liners), and I thought the presenter looked a bit like that Richard Hammond (from that horrible programme that used to be about cars), but with neater hair. Turns out it IS him. Fancy that!

Fawlty Towers - Jane Reynolds' weekly TV Times reviewHa. I had the best night of TV for ages last night actually (Saturday 8th), as BBC2 had re-runs of The Good Life, Fawlty Towers and a short Python documentary. The night the Fawlty Towers Episode ‘Gourmet Night’ was first screened (17th October 1975), I literally couldn’t breathe for laughing, and actually did laugh until I cried when Basil beat the car up with the twig!

I’ve seen it so many times since and I STILL laugh. I still laugh when I watch my DVDs of Ab Fab too. Such a shame there wasn’t anything to laugh at with those new ones, but I will give them another go.

PS Just seen a tweet saying that the last-ever Season of Desperate Housewives starts tonight on Channel 4. How sad. I’ve loved that show …

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