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The Apprentice

It's Vincent from The Apprentice - Jane Reynolds TV TimesWell, we didn’t see that one coming, did we? First Ellie, and then Old 'Sportacus' bounced out as well.

Like a lot of people, I end up watching The Apprentice with one eye on Twitter and the other on the TV.  When I got to the end of this week’s show though, I realised I’d only got a couple of things scribbled down.

I’m glad now, as by the time I’d watched it again I’d got a whole new perspective on this week’s events.  I had wondered after Wednesday night whether my beloved Jim was actually no more than a devious manipulator more suited to a role akin to that of the ‘Creepy Doctor’ in EastEnders (see Soap-y Corner!), but after having watched it a second time, I realise now that I’m more impressed with him than ever!

Jim goes from strength to strength Jane Reynolds' Apprentice reviewTo have the nerve to look SirAlan in the eye and reply to his incorrect statement, “You nearly leapt out of your chair when I asked whose name was the Everydog thing,” with the words “With the greatest respect Lord Sugar, that’s an exaggeration,” took a hell of a lot of courage.  (It was actually a full two seconds before Jim had actually impassively raised his hand in response.)  Jim doesn’t rise to the bait, remains calm at all times and literally ‘Tells it like it is.’

From what we’ve seen so far, to me, this man would be anyone’s perfect business partner, and if he doesn’t win, I’ll eat my … no, I’m not going to go down that road, although I do hope that Lord Sugar doesn’t deliberately get rid of him now for literally being ‘too good.’

If SirAlan’s genuinely looking to embark on a business collaboration with a partner who’s more than his equal, then it has to be Jim.  If – however – he’s looking for someone to (in effect) merely work for him, then Jim will be fired quite soon now, as he’s no pushover, and has proved he’s more than a match for Siralan’s wily ways.

Jim did come up with that name in a brainstorming session, but the whole team agreed to it.  He can’t be blamed for that.  Jim also wasn’t the PM – Vincent was, and was quite correct in his decision not to bring Jim back into the boardroom by saying that Jim ‘participates’ – which he most certainly does.  (I liked Karren’s name suggestion: “Any Old Dog”!) 

Poor Ellie. Jilted. Read Jane Reynolds' Apprentice Review of the week.Poor Ellie.  She knew she was on her way, and looked so unhappy it felt as if we were watching someone getting jilted.  I almost expected SirAlan to utter the words, “It’s not you, it’s me,” as he delivered the blow.  Old Sportacus would have barely had time to breathe a sigh of relief before he was also fired, and you could almost read Natasha’s mind as Lord Sugar’s steely gaze fixed itself on her, but she just got sent back to the house to fight another day.

A word on Venture: Their concept ‘Catsize’ was quite clever, but the spelling on the pack would have stopped me buying it on principle (if I had a cat, of course).  Glenn’s “As a PM you deserve respect,” was wrong too.  As Zoe rightly commented, “You earn respect; that’s how it’s done.”  A lesson several of them need to learn.

And, Glenn … by the way, spelling their/they’re wrong isn’t a double entendre.  “Do you think my pussy would look good in your Catsize commercial?”  That’s a double entendre love!

There were some good laughs along the way this week:

“Never mind ‘Logic’.  You should be branded Tragic,” was the best of Siralan’s one-liners, and the rest of the top moments (for me), were the excellent:

Jim: “Can we have the dog on all fours?”

Owner: “Standing up, you mean?”

Vincent’s extensive knowledge of dogs: “Ah, Labrador.”

Owner: “No, Golden Retriever,”

Sphynx cat on The Apprentice was worse than this one! Jane Reynolds' Apprentice Blog… and how about the look the owner of that sphynx cat (the Wayne Rooney of the cat world – and one that only a mother could love), gave Leon when he said it wasn’t suitable for the ad?  Catsize?  More like rat’s eyes!

I also loved the tiny shot of Nick peering out through the kitchen window into the garden at the filming of the dog advert (like some Peeping Tom in reverse)!

Far too many bleached white teeth in the boardroom too.  It was like a Simon Cowell lookalike convention when Venture  all started smiling when they found out they’d won.

Ok.  That's this week.  Who will be rubbish next week, I wonder?

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