TV Times 19th June 2011

The Apprentice

Week 7 – 'Freemium' Magazines.

The Apprentice wk 7 - from Jane Reynolds' TV Times ReviewJim was really under the spotlight this week – as PM of Venture (or was it Logic – SirAlan muddled them all up again!), and showed he could have another great career as a PM ahead of him – Prime Minister – if this doesn't work out.

As Nick said of him: 'It's lke trying to nail jelly to a wall. He never isolates himself to take his own decision.  It's always with people around him."  Perfect set of credentials for a politician, I'd say!  

It was interesting to watch Jim's inflexibility in the initial pitch.  He wouldn't budge on the rate card price (explaining that they were Buyers and therefore expected to drive a hard bargain), yet in previous tasks  he's had completely the opposite approach when HE was the buyer; negotiating/forcing sellers into accepting a much lower price for their goods!

You've got to admire his technique.  He presents such a logical argument, and even after Seven weeks now, has remained totally reasoned and calm in the face of any objection or criticism of either himself or his decisions, yet he does put his hands up say that things are down to him when they are.

He very cleverly collects 'yeses' from all around him, but isn't that what you want from a leader? Someone has to be the boss, and I'm standing by Jim again this week as the one I'd want as my business partner (although I've been liking Zoe too, as she's beginning to show herself as another sensible and credible candidate).

Glenn, Susie & Nick - from Jane Reynolds' TV Times Apprentice reviewAs for the task: how patronising were Glenn and Susie to those over 60's?  If I'd have been there I'd have asked them to stop calling us 'Guys' straight away.  Drives me mad.  As we age, we still feel 30 in our minds, it's just our bodies that give us away, so to have a couple of whipper-snappers come in and talk-down to that focus group wasn't very comfortable viewing, especially as they then ignored all the advice/comments the group gave them.

When one of them suggested 'Zimmer' the whole group burst out laughing. They loved it, so why on earth did Glenn and Susan not even mention it to the rest of the team?  I'd have bought it!  What about that cover too?  Some of those photos were great, yet Jim defended the awful one they used by saying they hadn't got any good ones.  He was wrong on that, but the others should have stood up to him and said that they didn't like it. 

I felt that Logic so missed a trick.  The focus group lads clearly said they wanted to 'Raise the tone' of the normal lad's mags, yet they ended up with a near-naked woman on the cover, and the strap-line 'Shoot your load' … oh come on 'guys'!

It was nice to see later on in the programme that the clients agreed with what I'd been scribbling down in my little book as I watched, but Logic's concept was good, and it showed – as they won.  If they'd had a better cover/strapline, they'd have got even more revenue, but they won, so that was all that mattered I guess?

Jim gave a solid performance in the boardroom again, and it was Glenn who got fired, but my money's on Susan for next week.  Roll on Wednesday – especially for another round of Nick's great expressions!  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE APPRENTICE HOMEPAGE

Jamie's Food Revolution Hits Hollywood

Jamie's Food Revolution - from Jane Reynolds TV Times blogspotDetermined not to be beaten, Jamie sets up his canteen next door to the school he's been trying to get into, and it's all resting on this week's show (the last in the Series), to see what happens, but to return to see the single father and his two sons (who'd lived soley on junk food), growing their own herbs and cooking healthy meals as a family, was great.  That's just one household though; how on earth can Jamie convert the whole of the USA to his cause? Let's see what happens …


Brothers and Sisters

Brothers & Sisters- from Jane Reynolds' TV Times ReviewI was in tears most of the way through the last-ever Episode which aired on Thursday night.  It's been one of the loveliest things I've ever watched, and has followed the lives of the Walker family over five Series, only to be unexpectedly axed due to falling ratings.

It would appear that the recent lack of the humour we've loved so much (and maybe the fact that Calista Flockhart was barely featured in the last Series – which upset the balance of the show), was a contributor to its demise, but if you've never seen it and loved shows like Thirtysomething, Ally McBeal and Desperate Housewives, then this is a show for you; the ultimate feel-good comedy/drama.  Everyone I know who's watched it has wanted to be adopted by them, and just watching them bicker, laugh and cry (+ drink lots of wine along the way!), has been wonderful.

If you're looking for something to enjoy over the Summer holidays, you won't find anything more heart-warming and gripping than this.  It's all available online for free, or all five Series are on DVD.  Trust me, it's lovely, and you'll fall in love with at least one (if not all), of them!

PS They all look so alike too (you know much I love it when TV shows cast people who really look like their family members)!


PS Recorded 'The Kennedys' but haven't had time to watch it yet!

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