TV Times 8th May 2011

My fingers are hovering over the keys ready for The Apprentice starting on Tuesday.  I can’t wait!  It’s different this time apparently, in that the winner gets a £250,000 investment for their business and Lord Alan as a partner. My first report will be here next week.

Since MasterChef ended, I’ve had a chance to catch up on some other programmes I’d recorded but not got round to watching.  The second Series of  So You Think You Can Dance is one of them.  With the aid of a Fast Fwd button, you can get through it in about 20 minutes (as most of it’s clapping and recapping!).

Now, I’m no dancer.  I have trouble even walking without tripping over most of the time, and it wears me out just watching this show, but the reason I watch is that the people on here are genuinely talented, and only the best ones get through each week – unlike shows like X Factor, BGT etc, where it’s usually the cutest – or the one with the best sob story that get voted for.  So You Think You Can Dance BBC1 Saturdays.


The other thing I’ve finally got round to is Britain’s Next Big Thing with Theo Paphitis.  A cross between The Apprentice and Dragon’s Den, it gives unknown designers a chance to pitch to top retailers, and follows their progress as they hope to see their dreams become reality.

Theo’s great in this.  He’s always entertaining on Dragon’s Den, and provides an interesting commentary, tips and support for the hopefuls along the way. He’s also genuinely pleased for them and comes across as a thoroughly nice guy.  It’s still on, and is getting to the crunch stage now, so who will succeed? Britain’s Next Big Thing BBC2 8.00 Tuesdays.

Here.  Theo and Greg Wallace.  They could have a whole new career ahead as the brothers in a new EastEnders family!

I’ve just realised something.  MasterChef, The Apprentice, X Factor, Dragon’s Den, Michel Roux’s Service etc, are the top shows on TV, but all have an identical theme … giving ordinary people the chance of a lifetime.  It’s clearly a winning formula, so wouldn’t it be great if someone were to do the same for unknown writers hoping to get their debut novels picked up by a top Publishing House?  Hmm.  Just a thought …

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