TV Times – 9th October 2011

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The X Factor

Kitty - X Factor - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewWho was that drag act? What; it was Kitty? You’re joking me?

I was very relieved to see Louis put Sami through FIRST to the next round. I presume he’s read the Press over the last week and ‘Done the right thing’ for once. She nailed it. Some of the others didn’t.

By this stage in the Competition we’re starting to get favourites. You know who mine is, although if I was a betting woman, my money would have to be on Frankie, as he’s the young girls’ favourite – even though he can’t sing and looks like a gonk.  Just my opinion you understand!

Kelly looked as if she really was in bits about who she had to send home (unlike the ‘crocodile tears’ some previous judges used to ‘weep’), and as I had to watch this week’s shows on Fast Forward, I’ll be going back and watching them again properly this afternoon (Monday) as I do a customer’s ironing. I might then write more (you know me!).

(The X Factor ITV1 Saturday/Sunday around 8.00 pm)


Come Dine With Me

Come Dine With Me - TV Times on Jane Reynolds' Weekly blogIt was like Jack Sprat and his wife this week, with one girl who wouldn’t eat carbs and one whose idea of a good night was a cold buffet with plenty of bread and butter.

The best line of the week was, “I would rather stick live wasps up my backside – with blades on their wings – than eat that.” You didn’t like it much then?

(Come Dine With Me Channel 4 Mon-Fri 5.30-6.00 & an hour’s Episode Fridays 8.00-9.00 pm)


Celebrity MasterChef

Phil - MasterChef - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewI predict the winner will be Phil (somebody), who used to be a Rugby player (I’m clueless about Rugby). The food he turned-out this week was absolutely exceptional, and there’s many a ‘real’ chef who’d have been proud to have put their name to his dishes.

Greg - MasterChef - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewGreg’s continued to eat as if he’s a stranger to both cutlery and manners. Yes, John; it is quite hard to believe, isn’t it?

(Celebrity MasterChef BBC 1 Mon-Fri 2.15-3.00, Friday 8.30-9.00)



It was part two of the Auntie Angela storyline this week. That bit was ok – if a bit far-fetched – but by the end of it I just wanted to brain the kids. Ben and Karen’s bedtime ‘chat’ was both tedious and ridiculous. She clearly hadn’t got a clue what she was saying, and they’re playing on Ben’s ‘random’ mind way too much now.

Jake was supercilious beyond belief, and Ottfried’s German accent was like something out of ‘Allo ‘Allo.

Ben & Karen - Outnumbered - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewIt wasn’t all bad, and I love seeing Sue lose that ‘yummy mummy’ facade, but if there’s another Series they need to accept that it’s time to ‘move on’, make it more scripted, and stop trying to ‘Flog the dead horse’ that the children’s inital spontaneity has sadly become.

The best line was Pete’s: “Ah. Tai Chi. The ancient art of attention-seeking.” CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OUTNUMBERED WEBSITE

What else?

I was going to do a proper review of the two new Series: Alex Polizzi’s The Hotel Inspector and Mary Portas’ Mary, Queen of Frocks which both started this week, but after watching them, I’m not going to.

Alex Polizzi - The Hotel Inspector - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewThe Hotel Inspector is SOOO predictable, and the first Episode of this new Series was no exception. Desperate Hotelier calls Alex in; she tells them the place is awful and should be painted white; Hotelier violently disagrees with everything Alex says but ends up doing it; Hotelier admits Alex was right; everyone kisses, and it all ends with a vague statement which doesn’t actually tell us what happened next.

I love watching Alex Polizzi, but I’m going to have to give up on this one I’m afraid, and as for Mary Portas; I suspect it’ll be a similar scenario.

Mary Portas - Mary Queen of Frocks - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewI’ll watch this week’s second Episode, but I think I know where this one’s heading. It was interesting to see Mary shocked and tearful over people she’d contacted (in the hope that they might be able to help her but who hadn’t even taken the trouble to reply), and I hope it might have made her appreciate just how upsetting and disappointing it is …

Ahem. Moving on.

I’m still banging-on about Curb Your Enthusiam. If you like wickedly black/satirical, hilarious comedy, put all seven Series of DVDs on your Christmas list right now! CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SITE/WATCH EPS

(Curb Your Enthusiasm Series 8, Ep 4 More4 11.20 pm Sunday)

Harry Hill's TV Burp - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewOops. Nearly forgot. If you like this blog, you’ll probably love Harry Hill’s TV Burp, which – like me – loves to take a sideways look at the pick of the week’s ‘quirky’ and funny side of TV/Soapland. There’ll always be a gem in there somewhere. His Hev’s a classic and I  hope ‘she’ won’t get written-out when EastEnders’ Heather leaves!

Radio Times

Jeremy Vine’s Radio 2 Series Sounds of the 20th Century (which is a glorious hour of nothing but soundbites, charting the significant music and events of every year from 1951 to 2000), is at 1978 this week. Each week it’s become relevant to more and more people, and I guarantee it’ll bring those memories flooding back in a flash. It’s a truly wonderful hour of history/nostalgia, and is not to be missed.

(Sounds of the 20th Century Radio 2 10.00 pm every Thursday, and available on BBC iPlayer)


Other Radio things catching my eye this week are:

A repeat of the Pilot Episode of Miranda, Miranda Hart’s show which was originally broadcast on the Radio – and is funnier on the Radio too. (Radio 4Extra 10.30 pm Tuesday)

A new Comedy show Hard to Tell, starts this week. Will it be any good? (Radio 4 6.30 pm Tuesday)

A new satirical show Tonight, starts this week too and stars Rory Bremner – but I’ll still listen. (Radio 4 11.00 pm Thursday)

So Wrong It’s Right  has ‘celebrity’ contestants having to give wrong answers to questions, but it’s funny, really! (Radio 4 6.30 pm Thursday), and Babs Windsor’s Funny Girls is an interesting Series on funny women in comedy. This week it’s Betty Hutton. Who? No, doesn’t ring a bell with me either, but I’ll look forward to finding out! (Radio 2 10.00 pm Tuesday)


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